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Still Not Too Late to Make New Year’s Vaping Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Vapers vaping

We may be halfway into the third month of the year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still make new resolutions for 2020.  We’re so early into the year that there’s no reason why we can’t set personal goals for ourselves that we hope to achieve before the year ends.  If you’re a vaper, you may want to consider making some vaping resolutions that you can feel proud of.

Resolution #1: I’ll Switch to Salt-Based Nicotine and a Pod Mod System

If you’ve been considering switching to a more convenient, portable setup and have been interested in giving nicotine salts a try, now is the time.  Salt nic e-liquid and pod mod technology have both evolved so much that you can easily customize your experience according to your needs. Switching to this style of vaping can also be easier on your wallet, which can help you if you already made a resolution to spend less this year.  

Resolution #2: I’ll Become a Vaping Advocate

As you know, there’s a war on vaping going on as federal law has made it illegal to sell flavored e-liquid cartridges.  At the present moment, we don’t know what the future holds for the vaping industry as more and more legislators have spoken out against this technology.  So, this would be a great time to become a vaping advocate. You can join an advocacy group or launch your own using social media and grassroots tactics. Your contribution to the pro-vaping movement can benefit the industry as a whole.

Resolution #3: I’ll Decrease My Nicotine Intake

Maybe you’ve been wanting to lower your daily nicotine intake lately because you don’t like the addictive nature of the chemical compound.  If this is the case, a great new year’s resolution would be to strategically decrease the nicotine strength that you vape. We suggest doing this gradually as suddenly lowering the nicotine concentration by a dramatic amount can just cause you to vape more in order to compensate.

Resolution #4: I’ll Spread the Word About Vaping to My Friends and Family Who Smoke

If you have any loved ones who are still smokers, you can use your vaping hobby to inspire them to kick the habit at last.  You can tell them about the success you’ve had with switching to vaping, in hopes that they’ll take the leap based off of your positive experience.

Resolution #5: I’ll Finally Ditch Cigarettes for Good

Not all vapers have chosen to completely kick cigarettes to the curb.  Some vapers still consider themselves social smokers, or choose to buy a pack of cigarettes after they’ve had a few cocktails.  This time of the year is great for making the decision to once and for all give up those analogs.

Resolution #6: I’ll Support Smaller Vaping Businesses

Another great resolution is to support smaller vaping businesses rather than giant distributors.  This can benefit the industry by ensuring that a wide variety of vaping goods exist on the market.

Resolution #7: I’ll Open Up My Palate

Lastly, if you’ve only been vaping one type of flavor throughout your vaping career, this can be the year that you expand your palate to enjoy a wide range of tastes while you vape.

Gotta Start Somewhere This Year

If you’re ready to make a positive change in your vaping life this year, any of these resolutions can be a great place to start.  Or, you can come up with your own resolution regarding your vaping hobby. Remember that the year only just started, so there’s no shame in making a resolution a couple of weeks after the new year.


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