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Should You Vape in Order to Release Some Stress?

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A lot of us who vape partake in our hobby daily, hitting our mods or pod systems throughout the day to feel those smooth, fluffy clouds flow through our lips while delicious flavor takes over our taste buds.  Many of us find that we vape the most when we’re feeling stressed, whether it’s because of a long day at work or feeling nervous about something that we’re about to do.  

Why Do We Vape in the First Place?

Well, most of us vapers first invested in a vaping setup because we were looking for a way to quit smoking, plain and simple.  Vaping was invented for smokers, as it provides us with nicotine as well with the ability to physically inhale and exhale vapor that feels a lot like smoke.  

We also vape because it’s enjoyable in and of itself.  It provides us with delicious flavor, as e-liquids come in all different kinds of flavor profiles.  In fact, many of us who struggle with a sweet tooth find that vaping a sugary flavor satisfies our cravings without making us feel guilty for indulging.  

The Link Between Nicotine and Stress

When we reach for our vape during moments of stress, primarily we’re seeking out nicotine.  When inhaled, nicotine reaches the brain within seconds, and instantly promotes a calming sensation that decreases feelings of anger, worry and fear.  Therefore, it’s natural that when we are having a stressful moment, we feel comforted by our trusty vape.

Nicotine is, as we know, an addictive substance.  It’s also not been shown to directly cause damage to the body, like the many other substances in cigarette tobacco.  When we inhale nicotine, the brain’s pleasure sensors are activated, which makes us feel mentally uplifted for a brief period of time. [Source]

Of course, too much of a good thing isn’t always, well, good.  If we vape more nicotine than our bodies are used to within a short period of time, it can have the opposite effect.  Nicotine poisoning refers to a most often non-threatening overdose of nicotine in the system that can make us feel agitated, wired and physically unwell.  This is a very temporary occurrence, but it does directly interfere with our desire to destress, often making us feel more anxious than before.

Is it Okay to Vape When We’re Stressed?

This is hard to answer that question in oversimplistic terms.  Generally, it’s fine to vape whenever we feel the desire to do so, whether we’re stressed or feeling extremely calm.  Most of us vape regularly throughout the day, regardless of the mood that we’re in, and enjoy the overall experience of it.

But, if there’s one thing that we can say, it’s that vaping should never be your only outlet for relief if you’re dealing with chronic or severe stress, or intense anxiety.  If these feelings come up, it’s important that you seek help from a professional healthcare provider.  Neither severe stress nor anxiety can be cured with nicotine, as these are chronic health conditions that require special treatments.  The good news is that nicotine should not conflict with any of these treatments.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, it’s absolutely okay to vape when we need to release some stress.  But, if you feel that your stress is becoming chronic or severe, or interfering with your ability to live a happy and functional life, then you should seek medical attention from a licensed professional.

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