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Should You Vape First Thing in the Morning?

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First thing in the morning, you’re likely thinking about two things: coffee and vaping.  Coffee gives us that boost that we need to feel energized, and many feel that vaping does the same thing.  But the question is, should we actually be hitting that vape within minutes of the alarm going off?

The Answer: It Depends

First, let’s clear one thing up – there’s no reason to believe that taking a couple hits off of your mod right after waking up will lead to bodily harm.  After all, it’s something that many vapers have been doing daily for years. But, a lot of vapers do report that the first few hits of the day are harsher than the rest, and some people end up coughing as a result.  So, many people have found that waiting a bit after getting up actually leads to a more enjoyable vaping experience overall.  


Now, let’s talk about why this can be the case.

#1: You’re More Dehydrated First Thing in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, your hydration levels are lower than usual because you’ve gone several hours without taking in any fluids.  And as a result, your throat is going to be at its driest point. Therefore, those first few hits can be a bit irritating, causing you to cough.

#2: Your Nicotine Tolerance is Temporarily Low When You Wake Up

When we withdraw from nicotine for several hours, our tolerance takes a slight dip which is felt when we first wake up.  Therefore, expect those first couple hits to hit you harder than the rest throughout the day. Of course, there’s really nothing that you can do about this, as waiting a little while won’t change the fact that your tolerance is lower.

#3: Your Cortisol is High

Another factor worth noting is cortisol.  Our bodies are designed in a way that allows cortisol levels to peak in the morning.  Cortisol gives us the energy to get out of bed and feel prepared for what’s ahead. Vaping can also raise cortisol levels slightly due to chemical changes in the brain, which are temporary.  So, those first couple of hits in the morning can feel more stimulating than others taken later on in the day, when cortisol levels settle down.

Give Yourself Some Time in the Morning

While there’s no evidence to suggest that vaping first thing in the morning poses serious health risks, it is generally better to wait a bit after you’ve gotten up to hit that mod.  Ideally, allow yourself a chance to enjoy some water prior to your first vaping session of the day so that you’re nice and hydrated. You just may enjoy your vape that much more as a result.

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