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Should You Ever Mix a Salt-Based E-Liquid with a Freebase One?

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Now that salt nic e-liquid has become enormously popular, more and more vapers are trying this type of vape juice out in order to see how it compares to the freebase nic that they’re used to.  This relatively new innovation has left vapers with many questions in regards to how the two types of nicotine differ from each other. One thing that many vapers want to know is whether or not you can combine salt nic vape juice with freebase nic vape juice.

Key Differences Between Salt Nic and Freebase Nic

In order to understand the answer to this commonly asked question, we first have to illustrate the ways in which salt-based nicotine and freebase nicotine differ from each other.  

First, there was freebase nicotine.  This was the only type of nicotine available to e-liquid manufacturers up until recently.  Interestingly, freebase nicotine is a chemically modified version of nicotine that was first developed by big tobacco companies several decades ago.  The purpose of chemically altering the nicotine compounds was to make them more potent. 

Freebase nicotine is still used in vape juices, but it can only really be enjoyed at relatively low concentrations with high-power devices.  This is because very high concentrations become harsher and harsher as the output level of a vaping device increases. Therefore, users of high-wattage devices have to opt for fairly low nicotine strengths.

But, we now have salt-based nicotine.  This is a pretty new innovation, and it involves extracting nicotine compounds from the tobacco plant and mixing them with benzoic acid.  This unique formulation allows for much smoother inhales, and that allows vapers to enjoy this type of nicotine at pretty high concentrations without experiencing any harshness associated with freebase nic e-liquid.  This type of vape juice is used with pod mod systems, which are low-wattage systems specially designed for salt-based nicotine. They provide potent levels of nicotine at fairly low output levels.

Why Mixing Salt Nic and Freebase Nic Vape Juices is Never a Good Idea

Now that you know how salt nic and freebase nic differ from each other, let’s discuss the reasons why you should not mix these two types of vape juices together.

Reason #1: Each Type of E-Liquid Requires a Different Coil Resistance Level

Because salt nic and freebase nic are different on a molecular level, they respond to unique coil configurations in different ways.  Basically, the sub-ohm coils that we’re used to using with freebase nic e-liquid would essentially burn the salt-based nicotine, making it harsh and unpleasant-tasting.  Therefore, mixing the two e-liquids together could cause an unpleasant taste and a harsh sensation that no vaper would ever enjoy.

Reason #2: Each Type of E-Liquid Requires a Different Output Range

Another factor is the output levels of the devices used for each type of vape juice.  Like we said, salt nic vape juice is intended for pod mod systems, which are low-wattage systems.  Again, high wattages would burn the salt-based nicotine, making it unenjoyable to vape. So, mixing the two types of nicotine together would cause a poor vaping experience due to the fact that each type of e-liquid works best with a specific output range.

Don’t Be Mixing It Up Here

It’s safe to say that there’s never a good reason for blending salt nic vape juice with freebase nic vape juice.  These two types of nicotine require totally different configurations in terms of your vaping setup, demanding unique coil resistance levels as well as device output levels.  Therefore, they are best left alone.  

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