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Should a Vaper Still Vape if They Just Drank a Beer?

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With an influx of people vaping than ever before, many of us find ourselves pulling out our mods at random times throughout the day.  We know that a lot of people tend to crave more nicotine when they’re drinking, but how does that apply to vaping?  

Drinking and Vaping: What Will Happen?

First, let’s talk about why a person often finds themselves craving nicotine more intensely than usual when they’ve just downed a cold one.  We know that both alcohol and nicotine raise dopamine levels, but fascinatingly, when they’re consumed together, the synergistic effect that takes place reduces dopamine in the brain.  

So, Why Do We Still Get that Craving?

Well, it’s likely because our brain is craving a secondary dopamine fix after alcohol has been consumed.  When we do release dopamine, the biggest priority in our brain is to maintain it.  And so, our brains feel that nicotine will do the trick.  Even people who haven’t consumed nicotine in years may find themselves getting that urge after they’ve taken in some alcohol.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that nicotine seems to temporarily reduce blood alcohol levels.  This means that those who are regular nicotine users may find themselves drinking more alcohol in order to catch a buzz than those who are not.

Now the Answer

But you came here to get an answer to a simple question: should a vaper vape if they just had a beer?  The answer is, sure.  Vaping after having a beer won’t do any harm, and if it makes you feel more satisfied to do so, you should feel free to go ahead.  Lots of vapers are beer drinkers, and lots of beer drinkers are vapers.  If there was some risk of an interaction, we would know about it by now, as vaping has been popular for over a decade at this point.

Of course, how much nicotine is in your vape can also play a role in how much you vape after drinking, and how you feel when doing so.  We all have a different sensitivity level to nicotine, and all vape at different strengths.

Final Thoughts

The next time you get the urge to vape after drinking a beer, you shouldn’t feel apprehensive about reaching for your mod.  There’s no risk of a dangerous interaction between the two substances, so you can rest easy.

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