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Share a Vape with a Veteran


Veteran's DayShowing appreciation for the services provided by veterans is not difficult. Demonstrating appreciation is as easy as sharing time with a veteran. Consider these six ways to show appreciation to a veteran.

Share conversation and a favorite vape

Veterans sometimes feel forgotten after returning home from military service. Simply spending time with a veteran goes a long way towards making that vet feel appreciated and that their contributions and service is not forgotten.

Let the veteran share stories about their military service. Talk about anything the veteran wants to talk about. Most importantly, make sure the veteran knows that you are listening to every word.

Make sure to take the veteran's favorite vape for the two of you to share during the conversation. If you are not sure which vape is the veteran's favorite, ask or simply take along a few different flavors. Leave any extra for the vet to enjoy later.

Share a meal

Veterans sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Take a veteran out for lunch or out for a nice dinner. Doing so means that veteran receives a nourishing meal and hydration. Even if the veteran is not having difficulties making ends meet, what is better than a good meal and good conversation?

This is another great time to share a vape. The veteran returns home well fed and feeling like someone really appreciates their service to their country.

Participate in activities to honor veterans

Many communities have events to honor and benefit local veterans. While many communities plan events on Veteran's Day, that day is not the only time to show appreciation to veterans. Consider purchasing items at a local bake sale, dinner or community sale that benefits veterans.  There are many veteran-owned businesses, both local and online; supporting a veteran's business is another great way to show your appreciation for their service.

To show even more appreciation for veterans in your area, consider donating items to events honoring and benefiting veterans or volunteering at a benefit event yourself.

Visit veterans in a military hospital

Veterans in military hospitals need visitors like anyone else in the hospital. Show your appreciation to veteran by visiting the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in your area.

Meet the veterans and let them know how much you appreciate each of them.

Give care packages

Consider taking a small care package to veterans at the local VA Medical Center or to a center for homeless veterans. Having basic hygiene items goes a long way towards improving self-esteem.

You could include items such as deodorant, soap, wipes, a comb, razors or any other personal care items you can easily purchase. Perhaps you want to also include a small snack such as granola bars or trail mix.

Simply say "Thanks"

Simply saying "Thank you" goes a long way towards showing appreciation to a veteran or active duty member of the military. Thank veterans and shake their hand to let them know that their service is not forgotten and that they are sincerely valued and appreciated.


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