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Scents of the Season

Vaping is associated with sweet smells that come from the e-liquids. The smell depends on the flavor of the E-liquids. The sweet smells are partly there because no combustion takes place during vaping. The lovely smells will make you want more, mostly when you come across a product that has the exact scent as your favorite flavor. For example, if your best flavor is chocolate, you are likely to get the vaping memory when you come across any chocolate flavored product. The Christmas season is here and as people celebrate there are a lot of aromas coming with it. Here are some unforgettable vaping scents that are associated with the festive season:

Vanilla - During this season, the vanilla lovers are all over the shopping areas getting themselves some vanilla products to make their celebrations complete. Others are using wax melts that are vanilla flavored to make their houses smell great. As you walk by, you can not fail to notice the scent since it is your favorite. Some e- liquids are vanilla flavored, and when vaping, you experience a vanilla scent that you would want to bask in forever. To experience this scent get the Buttered Rum which is an E-juice blended with vanilla, beans, and butter and have an experience like no other.

Blackberry - It is very hard to pass by more than ten people without getting someone taking a strawberry product, mostly when it comes to ice cream which is highly valued during vacations. There are also berry-scented candles lit all over. Most people are taking the Christmas vacation, and the smell is getting popular, and this makes you want to vape. Get the Blackberry Limoncello to enjoy the scent.

Coffee - Go to the cafeteria, and you will find friends trying to make up for the long time they have spent away from each other and just met again during the festive season. The coffee scent gives you a soothing feeling when vaping and you can enjoy the feeling again by getting a Coffee-dark roast which is coffee flavored.

Chocolate - It is the season of cake baking. Many people love chocolate cakes which make it the product of the season. As you walk by you will experience the smell that will take you back to the vaping memory where the chocolate scent made you feel so good. One e-juice to satisfy the craving is Chocolate vape juice.

Cinnamon - A blend of cinnamon and orange is commonly used by people to make their houses smell good. It is also used in cooking, and the smell is so cultivating and relaxing. That's the feeling you must have experienced as you were inhaling your cinnamon flavored vape. To experience the feeling, you may want to try out Chai Tea.

This is a great season and vaping is one way to celebrate and make memories. Get yourself a vape juice flavor that brings great memories as you create new ones this festive season.

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