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Safely Enjoy The Lingering Days of Summer

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End of SummerAre you looking for a way to enjoy the last long days of the summer season? If you want to relax and have some fun in the sun, but also want to incorporate vaping, we have got you covered. A few tips for being safe will make sure you keep yourself happy out there. We can also offer some insight on vape juice flavors that are the best this time of year. So let's get going!

Safety is important and nobody wants to end up in a bad situation because of information they just don't have. That's why we want to ensure you know what's cool to do during the season and what might cause a few issues. These relate especially to vapers and are important to be aware of so read on.

The first tip we have is to avoid leaving your vaping products out in the sunlight. Having sun beating down on your equipment can lead to a significant drop in quality with your lithium batteries. And even worse than that, if they get extraordinarily hot they can rupture and explode. Definitely not something you want to deal with on a road trip to the beach. If you gotta carry your batteries, make sure you put them somewhere cool, like wrapped up in a towel in your cooler. And if you have a device that uses a variable voltage, kick it down a little as e-liquid tends to thin when it's warmer than usual.

Another problem you can run into when it's summer is feeling effects from the heat on your e-juice itself. At just over 100 degrees the juice will begin to break down which can cause some really unwanted things to occur. Think color change, flavor change, and more. Overheated juice is going to taste gross and be more likely to clog up your tank so be careful out there! Stick your juices in that cooler or somewhere else that isn't as open to direct sunlight.

Now that you're ready to head out there and know the best safety tips, let's get to the fun party. The vaping! There are a number of flavors that are great in the summer and some you might not think about.

Tropical flavors can be really fun and remind you of the beach or a past vacation. Fruity flavors also tend to feel lighter in your mouth and lungs, which can make you feel cooler. Some flavors that come highly suggested are pina colada, lemonade, pineapple coconut, blueberry, and melon. You can also grab some flavors that remind you of sweet alcoholic drinks, which might give you that feel of cool that can be nice nowadays. Another flavor to try includes juice with a minty or menthol, as this can be refreshing on your taste buds on a hot day.

No matter what device you use, what flavor you like, and what you plan to do for the last days of summer – follow the rule to keep it cool and you'll be good. Enjoy those moments in the sun with friends and family enjoying life and don't forget to vape!

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