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Politics and Vaping

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No matter where your politics lie, when it comes to vaping, the candidate that supports the industry is Republican Donald Trump. This should come as no surprise as most Republicans are all for capitalism, which supports less regulation of businesses, even those that have pretty much moved over seas. Although, to say that Trump supports vaping, or is pro-vape, is not exactly accurate as he hasn't stood up and declared an alliance. Although, Trump does support Duncan Hunter, a California congressman who does and has been given the moniker, "The Vaping Congressman," which could indicate support by association.

In the Democrats corner is Hillary Clinton. Again she personally hasn't expressed a personal view regarding vaping, but most likely won't support the industry. This view is supported by her support of regulating big business. Additionally, Clinton supports children's health, education and other social programs that don't fit with a supporter of vaping. In all likelihood, Clinton will be for stricter regulations of the nicotine based product as it doesn't have the FDA stamp of approval as a less noxious alternative to smoking tobacco. The truth is that there simply isn't enough research on vaping for anyone to form an informed opinion regarding vaping and health.

While most agree that Trump is most likely to support vaping over Clinton, Trump doesn't have the support of the vaping community with some informal surveys showing they actually support Clinton over Trump. This would indicate that other political issues are more important to those that vape and that they feel fairly secure in the future of vaping. One survey showed that most smokers are registered Democrats, along with former smokers who have turned to vaping to reduce the fumes cigarettes produce.

So if Republican candidate Trump scores the coveted seat of the President of the United States, passing vaping regulations that may hurt the industry is probably not going to be on his to do list. However, many fear that Democratic candidate Clinton most likely would pass some form of regulatory controls on the industry. These fears aren't without foundation as California passed legislation in May 2016 that went into effect on June 9 and bans public vaping in places where smoking is already banned according to the LA TImes.

Another indication that if Clinton wins the Office of Presidency she will most likely not support the vaping industry is the fact that most democrats feel that the industry should be as highly regulated as the tobacco industry. With many large industries holding a vested interest in seeing the vaping industry slowed, lobbyists from tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies are swarming Capitol Hill in an effort to bring on more regulations for the fledgling vaping industry, which could be catastrophic for a business just getting its footing.

If vaping ends up as the tobacco industry did, with control and regulations coming from the federal level rather than with each state, it could have far reaching consequences for the vaping industry.

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