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Making a “PATH” in Vaping

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While the vaping industry gets more and more diverse in terms of its technology, more and more Americans are finally feeling confident that they can throw out their cigarette packs in order to embrace this new industry.  We all know at least one person who has managed to completely quit smoking thanks to vaping products. Yet, a lot of people in charge are still not totally convinced that this market is totally legitimate.

So, can vaping help a person quit smoking for good?  Well, according to a recent study, it absolutely can.  PATH, also known as Public Assessment of Tobacco and Health, has aimed to set the record straight in regard to the unique relationship between using e-cigarette products and being able to quit conventional cigarettes once and for all.

What the PATH Study Has to Say About Vaping and Smoking Cessation

The vaping industry has been around for about ten or so years, which means that it hasn’t existed long enough for there to be many studies showing the long-term effects, or its ability to keep people off of cigarettes for good.  However, more and more researchers are finally capable of studying this technology, which means that we finally have more insight into what vaping does and how it works when it comes to helping people quit tobacco.

The PATH study is the most recent study to be performed in the United States in order to test how this technology works in terms of smoking cessation.  The study consisted of a number of participants who were ready to finally switch to vaping in order to completely stop using tobacco products. It’s important to note that 78 percent of those participating in the study had never used any vaping product previously, while the other 22 percent had at least tried the technology.  However, not a single participant had ever attempted to fully quit smoking using vaping products.

The study observed the participants over the course of two years in order to record any relapses into smoking after switching to vaping.  Based on the data gathered, the study concluded that vaping is 77 percent effective as a smoking cessation method. This means that anyone who is interested in quitting smoking is 77 percent more likely to stay off cigarettes for good if they were to pick up vaping.

The study pointed out that it’s far more likely to be effective if a person makes an effort to vape daily rather than occasionally.  Essentially, the researchers are saying that vaping is 77 percent effective when it’s used as a full replacement for smoking.

It’s easy to see why vaping is so much more effective as a smoking cessation tool than other products like nicotine patches and nicotine gums.  A lot of the addiction to smoking is physical, and vaping allows a user to recreate the physical act of smoking a cigarette. Additionally, vapers can customize their experience thanks to the wide variety of technologically advanced hardware and e-liquids that are on the market today.

Also, vaping allows a user to control the amount of nicotine that they take in at any given time.  E-liquids come in a wide range of nicotine strengths, and users can decide how much they wish to consume by taking a certain number of puffs.

Why the PATH Study is So Important to the Vaping Industry

The PATH study means a great deal to the vaping industry as it has been under constant scrutiny in America from organizations like the FDA.  Many believe that the vaping industry is demonized by these organizations for no good reason at all. As more studies come out in support of vaping, the FDA and other health organizations will eventually have no choice but to take this industry seriously.

What the Rest of the World Thinks of Using Vaping to Quit Smoking

It’s also important to point out that in much of Europe, vaping is highly supported by government organizations.  For instance, the United Kingdom funded a study of a similar nature in order to justify making vaping products highly accessible with legislation.  France is also very pro-vaping, and encourages citizens to switch to e-cigarettes in an effort to quit smoking once and for all.

A Clearer Picture Indeed

The PATH Study helps paint a clearer picture regarding how vaping interacts with a person’s addiction to tobacco cigarettes.  This study makes it pretty clear that vaping can, indeed, help get a person off of tobacco permanently. To the rest of the world, this is hardly news as more and more countries have funded studies similar to this one in order to make e-cigs more accessible to citizens.  Still, it remains to be seen whether or not the FDA will embrace this study and use it to promote vaping to people who are looking for a way to stop smoking.

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