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Just How Far Have Customized Flavorings Come?

While few vapers would complain about the vast selection of pre-made e-liquid flavors on the market today, a lot of enthusiasts out there like a little more control over their vaping experiences.  And so, customized flavorings continue to grow in popularity, with more companies offering this feature than ever before.

As customized flavorings have become more popular over the years, the concept has evolved tremendously, to the benefit of vapers.

What are Customized Flavorings?

Customized flavorings refer to e-liquid flavors that are custom-made by an e-juice company according to your demands.  Companies that offer custom flavorings will have a separate page on their website in which you can choose from many individual flavors, mixing and matching until you come up with the flavor profile that is the most appealing to you.  From there, you submit your choices, and the e-liquid company does the hard work for you, creating a bottle of vape juice based on your specific requests.

Not every e-juice brand offers customized flavorings, and each company tends to have their own choices to choose from.  Most also give you the ability to customize your VG/PG ratio and nicotine strength as well, so that every aspect of the final product suits your unique needs and preferences perfectly.

Benefits of Customized Flavorings

Customized flavorings offer several advantages such as: 

  • A customized flavoring can better satisfy your cravings, because it’s based on that which you crave the most
  • You may be able to save money by creating a flavor profile that is usually quite expensive when pre-made by a vape juice brand.  
  • Getting more creative and trying out those vape culinary skills to mix flavors using your brilliant imagination.

How Customized Flavorings Have Evolved Over the Years

When customized flavorings first hit the scene, typically vapers had limited options.  Now, things have evolved in many ways, resulting in a better end product overall.

Better Flavoring Ingredients

First, flavoring ingredients themselves have gotten better over the years.  As the vaping industry has continued to grow, standards on flavoring ingredients have risen to ensure better quality and richer, more natural taste.  Therefore, a customized flavoring is more likely to taste like the real thing that you crave than ever before.

A Wider Variety of Flavors to Choose from

This makes customized flavorings even more appealing.  You can mix and match flavoring extracts to your heart’s content until you find the one-of-a-kind flavor profile that strikes your fancy.  

Better Nicotine, VG and PG

Companies have generally improved their standards when it comes to the nicotine, VG and PG that they use in their formulas.  Nowadays, it’s standard to go with food or pharmaceutical grade choices.  What this means is that your customized flavoring is more likely to be extremely high in quality, resulting in a more pleasant vape overall.

Enhanced Precision

Customized flavorings are mixed with more precision than they were in the past, as companies have now had years of experience that have allowed them to understand how to mix together flavors to perfection to yield the tastiest results.  Also, they use stricter manufacturing methods and more advanced equipment to do so.

Higher Standards

E-juice-making in general has improved over the years as more and more standards have been put in place across the industry.  This means that you’re less likely to end up with a customized vape juice that disappoints.  The e-liquid industry self-regulates like it never has before, which means that you can count on getting a formula that satisfies all of your vaping needs and vaporizes beautifully.

Customized E-Liquid Flavors Continue to Be a Popular Choice

Customized flavorings are a great way to go if you’re the type of vaper who is picky about their e-liquids, or simply wants to get creative with their vaping sessions.  As you can see, there’s never been a better time to opt for customized flavorings over pre-made e-juices, especially here at Highbrow Vapor.

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