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It's Nice to Have Some Temp Control in Your Vaping Life

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In the past few months, the vaping world has been swept by temperature control, and for a noble motive. Moreover, this new technology is taking vaping to a new level of safety and convenience. We’re a long way from just switches and batteries. Don't forget to mention the new technical sophistication heights. While it began as a premium, it’s now a top-notch mainstream technology. 


While we get fascinated about Temperature Control, we need to know what they are and how they work. Modders are flocking to using temp control MODs. For now, let’s focus on the reasons why the vaping world is adopting this technology on a massive scale. 

How Temperature Control Works

In a recap, Temperature Control works because some metals there is an increase in resistance of some metals in a predictable way when they accumulate heat. For vapors, resistance is one nut they already know well. Here is a coil inside the dripper or tank that has a resistance that appears on the screen if you use regulated mods. When you use Kanthal in vaping, there is no change in resistance. Regardless of the temperature, its resistance is static. 

We use different coil methods for Temperature Control. While the coil heats, they are chosen due to their increased resistance. The MOD can calculate the temperature of your vapor once a material is used. Before you vape, it checks the coil’s resistance. As you vape, it continues to monitor the device’s temperature. When the resistance rises significantly, the mod takes that as a temperature increase. For the unit, it understands that the temperature must have increased if it started at 0.2 ohms and now its 0.5 ohms.


Let’s say, 30 degrees Farads to 60 degrees Farads, is the depicted temperature increase. For every Temperature Control MOD, there is a temperature setting. For this reason, the Temperature Control will ensure that you vape at your preferred temperature. For it to maintain the temperature, it will use the needed power. 

Why Modders are flocking to using Temperature Control MODs

  1. To avoid burnt hits/dry hits
    For most of us, we never notice when the tank gets dry. When we don’t conduct the safe wicking process, the dripper depletes the available e-juice without our knowledge. This results in burnt, dry, and scratchy hit that gets too unpleasant and potentially hazardous to our health.  The main advantage of the Temperature Control is that you will never reach the burnt hits. The temperature rises if the wick runs dry. For this reason, power will be cut immediately. You simply get flavor instead of a nasty dry hit.

    2. Vaping Safety
    Vaping is a new technology. For sure, we know that it’s safer than smoking. The safer we will be if we limit our exposure. Coils should be heated to the required temperature to vaporize our e-juice. 

    3. Wick and Coil life
    Because there is no overheating, wicks and coils will last longer. 

    This was a brief primer on Temperature Control. For most vapors, this information can be very useful. It is not complicated. However, you should understand the permutations and parameters of a mod if you want to build your coil and receive this Temperature Control technology. Choose the best TC MOD for you.



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