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How to Get Used to a New E-Liquid Flavor

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Not all of us are extremely adventurous and open-minded when it comes to what our e-juice tastes like.  But, at some point or another, many of us find the need to switch to a new flavor.  Either our favorite go-to is discontinued, or the flavor just isn’t hitting the spot like it once did.

Getting Use to that New Flavor

If you have a hard time adjusting to new flavor, then allow us to help. We know that in order to continue on the right path, you need to have an e-liquid that can attempt to curve those cravings for the real thing.

Tip #1: Wean Yourself Off of the Old E-Liquid Flavor

The first thing you should do is wean yourself off of the old flavor and adjust slowly to the new one.  One great way to do this is to own two tanks or cartridges, with the older flavor in one and the new one in the other.  This way, you can start with just a few puffs of the new one per day, and gradually tweak the balance between the two until you’ve successfully switched over.

Tip #2: Slowly Adjust from Salt-Based to Freebase Nicotine or Vice Versa

If your new e-juice flavor involves a change in nicotine type as well, then you’ll want to be mindful of this when making the switch.  If you have two separate devices, as in, a pod mod for a salt nic flavor and a box mod for the freebase flavor, then you can do the same method above with only having a little bit of the old e-liquid and gradually weaning yourself off this way. 

Tip #3: Adjust Slowly When Changing Devices

If you’re using an entirely new device, be mindful that the flavor will likely be somewhat different than it would have been with the old device.  Different devices may bring out certain subtleties of an e-juice flavor based on the output levels, the coil they use and other factors.  Again, make a gradual adjustment, a little at a time, until you’re mostly using the new flavor.  Then, once used to the new flavor, you can completely abandon the old one.

Tip 4. Start Slow and then Increase the Vape Sessions

This point sort of takes the previous tips, only what we are really focusing on here is only taking a few pulls at max of that specific e-liquid flavor daily, be it freebase or salt-based. By doing this once or twice a for as long as it takes to get used to that flavor, you’ll be able to get more acquainted with it as you ramp up your sessions with it. 

Note: With any e-liquid flavor, you still want to switch from time to time to avoid potentially getting vaper’s tongue.

Tip #5: Consider Using a Flavor Additive

Yes, this kind of might be cheating in a way, but if switching flavors is something that you’re really struggling with, consider throwing in a flavor additive that has remnants of the old flavor you are used to, at least temporarily.  Flavor additives provide a concentrated flavor boost to any e-liquid and are easy to add to an existing vape juice.  

For instance, let’s say you were vaping a berry menthol flavor, and now you’re switching to a tropical fruit blend.  You can, for example, add some menthol to the tropical fruit blend in order to still get something similar to your last flavor.

Switching to a New Vape Juice Flavor isn’t Easy for Everyone

Good news for vapers that are trying to get accustom to a new e-liquid profile is that if they go slowly, it allows their taste buds to get used to the adjustment in a way that’s not as jarring to them.  Use the tips above to make the process a smooth one, so that you can continue getting as much satisfaction out of vaping as possible. 

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