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How to Better Finetune Your Overall Vaping Experience

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Nowadays, those who want to get into vaping have more options to choose from than ever before.  Today’s vape industry offers a positively dizzying variety of e-liquid flavors and formulas, and the hardware market is equally expansive and diverse.  

Variety is a good thing.  It means that vapers can go above and beyond to customize their vapes in order to find their sweet spot to ensure maximum satisfaction.  But not everyone who enters the vaping world knows how to properly finetune the various aspects of their vaping routine and setup in order to better satisfy their needs.

What You Need to Know and Do

Well, luckily, we’re here to help!  We’re going to walk you through the key aspects of vaping that you can adjust to better suit your needs.

#1: Choose Premium Vape Juices

One of the most important things that you can do in order to guarantee more satisfying vaping sessions is opt for premium vape juices only.  What this term refers to is the quality of the e-liquid.  There’s no set of standards that separate “premium” from “standard” vape juices, but if you’ve ever decided to buy a cheap e-liquid in an effort to save some cash, you probably understand what we’re talking about.

Premium vape juices are made with high-quality, food or pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and are mixed using up-to-date, advanced methods.  Simply put, they taste better and vaporize more effectively in your tank.  And, they’re less likely to gunk up your coils or produce those extremely unpleasant dry hits that irritate your throat.

#2: Understand What Different VG/PG Ratios Can Do

A big determining factor in the quality of your vapes that is commonly overlooked is the VG/PG ratio.  VG is vegetable glycerin, and PG is propylene glycol.  Together, these two ingredients make up the base of an e-liquid.  They create a consistency that is conducive to vaporizing, and their balance is very important.

E-liquids come in a variety of VG/PG ratios, and the specific ratio you choose impacts the intensity of your vape juice’s flavor, the thickness and size of your clouds, the quality of your throat hit and more.  Higher VG e-liquids are better for higher output levels because they thicken up the vapor and are less likely to burn.  Higher PG e-liquids are more suitable for low to mid-range output levels, as they deliver a strong throat hit that many former smokers find quite satisfying.

#3: Be Pickier About Your Coils

Many people who are fairly new to vaping find coils quite intimidating.  Those tiny little hardware pieces play a major role in your overall vaping experience.  The coil’s job is to take the heat produced by the vaping device and use it to transform small amounts of e-juice into vapor that can be easily inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Coils come in various resistance levels, measured in ohms.  The coil’s resistance level must be compatible with the output level of your device, as the higher your wattage or temperature is set at, the lower your coil’s resistance level must be.  Experimenting with different coils, and adjusting your output level accordingly, lets you experience unique vaping styles.  For example, vaping at 200 watts and using a sub-ohm coil gives you fluffy clouds and tons of vapor.

#4: Give Temperature Control a Try

If you’ve never experimented with temperature control, you might want to give it a shot to see how it changes the way in which you experience vaping.  Temperature control is a function that comes with a lot of today’s mods, and it’s an alternative to wattage mode.  Temperature control, often abbreviated to “TC,” allows you to set the temperature that your coil will reach each time the device is fired.  This gives you more control over each and every puff, and lets you explore different temperatures in order to bring out different qualities of your vapes.

#5: Experiment with Different Nicotine Strengths

Most vapers choose a nicotine strength when they buy their first vaping setup, and never deviate from it as they continue to maintain their hobby.  But, if this is the case for you, you might not be satisfying your nicotine cravings as much as you could.  Signs that you chose a less-than-ideal nicotine strength include chain-vaping in order to get your “fix” and feeling dehydrated or dizzy after a regular vaping session.  

If you find that after each vaping session, you’re either not satisfied enough or you feel a bit overwhelmed with nicotine in your system, then it’s time to make small, incremental adjustments to the nic strength you vape at until you find what suits you the best.

#6: Be Open to New Flavor Profiles

Too many vapers find a flavor of e-liquid early on in their vaping career and stick to it without really exploring what’s out there.  One of the many beauties of vaping is that it allows us to satisfy all kinds of cravings without indulging in the real treats that we love.  So, we always encourage our customers to try out new flavors regularly, since they never know when they’ll discover their new all-day vape.

#7: Splurge Where it Counts

Finally, if you really want to find your vaping sweet spot, you need to be willing to splurge a bit where it matters.  What we mean is that we don’t suggest simply buying the cheapest of each piece of a vaping setup.  For instance, extremely inexpensive coils may be priced so affordably because they’re made with subpar materials that ultimately result in a disappointing vape.  And overall, hardware that costs a bit more is more reliable, and will give you a more satisfying experience in a multitude of ways.  We’re not saying to opt for the most expensive products on the market, but we do believe that a lot of vaping goods are worth the money.

Get the Most Out of Every Vape Session

If you want a vaping experience that’s as satisfying as possible, you’ll need to start getting familiar with the various adjustments listed above.  Everyone has their own sweet spot, and finding it is simply a matter of making tweaks here and there until everything falls into place.  

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