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Highbrow Vapor Flavors are a Better Alternative to JUUL Pods

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JUUL has easily become the most successful vaping system of all time, at least in terms of sales.  Lots of people enjoy the convenience of this device, considering its portability and low-maintenance design.  But, JUUL is not without its limitations, as many users eventually discover. One of the main drawbacks of the JUUL vaping system is the fact that it’s so limited in terms of its flavor options.  As you may already know, JUUL is only compatible with pre-filled pods containing e-liquid. And, you can only pick from a small handful of flavors.

At Highbrow Vapor, we’ve got a massive selection of high-quality e-liquid flavors from which you can choose in order to satisfy your cravings.  That’s why we believe that our flavors are a far better alternative to those that are available with the JUUL vaping system. Here are some reasons why.

Better Bang for Your Buck

One huge benefit to vaping the e-liquids from Highbrow Vapor over the flavor pods from JUUL is that they’re more affordable by far.  JUUL’s flavor pods are more expensive because of the fact that labor is required to fill each individual pod. When you buy our vape juice by the bottle, you’ll save a good deal on each milliliter of e-liquid.  And, who doesn’t want to save money? After all, the cost of restocking vape juices can really add up and eat into your savings.

Our Flavoring Ingredients are Superior

One thing that we’re known for is the ingredients that we use to produce our signature flavors.  Many companies use cheap, artificial and synthetic-tasting flavoring agents that don’t taste anything like the flavors that they claim to be replicating.  At Highbrow Vapor, we’re proud of our reputation for reproducing specific tastes perfectly. Our fruits taste fresh, our chocolate has that rich flavor that we known and love, and our vanilla tastes like it came straight from Madagascar.  As soon as you take one hit of an e-juice from Highbrow Vapor, you’ll notice the difference right away.

More Quality Control

JUUL is a very popular company, and with popularity comes great demand.  In order to meet the demands of customers, they must create enormous batches of their pods at one time.  This greatly reduces quality control as it can be hard to test so many different batches of e-liquid in order to keep up with the production level.  This is why it’s not uncommon to get some duds in your pack of JUUL pods.  

At Highbrow Vapor, we create smaller batches of vape juice and test them repeatedly to ensure that they’re absolutely flawless.  This allows our products to consistently satisfy, and it’s why our customers trust us with their vaping needs.

Wider Selection of E-Liquid Flavors

As you know, JUUL’s selection of flavors is very limited.  The problem is that many vapers don’t really embrace their hobby wholeheartedly until they’ve found that they can satisfy their taste buds.  At Highbrow Vapor, we have a huge and diverse collection of vape juice flavors in order to ensure that every customer is able to keep their palate satiated whenever they hit their mod.  And, because we have so many flavors, customers can try out different ones regularly so that their palate never becomes bored.

More Customizable

JUUL pods are made with salt-based nicotine, and the thing with salt-based nicotine vape juices is that they aren’t very customizable when it comes to nicotine strength and VG/PG balance.  In fact, JUUL pods only come in two nicotine strengths, and they all have the same ratio of VG to PG. Meanwhile, the e-liquids at Highbrow Vapor are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths and ratios because they are made with freebase nicotine rather than salt-based nicotine.

Can Be Vaped in Sub-Ohm Devices

Finally, Highbrow Vapor e-liquids can be used with sub-ohm devices while JUUL pods cannot.  This is great for vapers who desire more advanced hardware, as well as the many vapers who desire huge clouds while they vape.  Because they’re compatible with sub-ohm devices, you can enjoy a wider range of hardware when you vape our flavors. This means that users can customize their vaping experiences more than they can with JUUL devices.

Grab a Highbrow Vapor E-Juice Flavor

As you can see, there are many reasons why our e-liquids will satisfy your needs more than the ones that come in JUUL pods.  You’ll be able to save money, enjoy a wider selection of flavors and likely find that the flavors themselves satiate your taste buds on a more profound level.  If you’re ready to switch your vaping demands t

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