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Having the Right Coils to Handle Flavor Blended E-Liquids

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More vapers are embracing the flavor blending trend, and we’re all about it.  Flavor blending is an extremely simple process that involves combining multiple pre-made e-juice flavors together to create a unique and layered flavor profile.  For example, let’s say you are craving a banana cream pie like nobody’s business.  To satisfy those cravings, you could simply combine a banana flavor, a custard flavor and a pastry flavor together, and pour that blend into your tank.

Flavor-blending is considered a faster and easier alternative to DIY vaping, which involves making a batch of e-liquid completely from scratch.  Plus, it’s a great way to get creative.  

But, if you’re gonna blend flavors together into individual bottles or large batches, it is important to make sure that your setup’s compatible with the final product.  Primarily, be mindful of the coils that you use to ensure that the new e-liquid creation vapes smoothly without any issues.

What Can Happen if You Use the Wrong Coil for a Flavor Blend

Flavor blending involves combining together two or more e-liquids.  This results in a totally new e-juice formulation, and as we know, the coil that you use is affected by several aspects of the juice that you currently have in your tank.

Gunked Up Coils

Using an inappropriate resistance level with your new flavor blend could result in coil gunk that eventually clogs the coil completely, thus making it useless and ending your vaping session.  

Dry Hits

Further, using the wrong coil could lead to dry hits that ruin the experience, essentially defeating the purpose of putting the effort into blending flavors together. 

Poor Vapor Production

And, without the right coil for your new e-juice formula, you could end up with disappointing vapor output that takes away your ability to get the most satisfaction out of each and every puff.

Factors That Determine the Coil You Should Be Using

Now, let’s break down the factors that determine which coil you should be using with your new flavor blend.  This will help you choose the coil that’s best suited for the job.

Factor #1: VG/PG Balance

Combining multiple e-liquids that each have their own unique VG/PG ratio will give you a ratio that’s unique from that which you’re used to vaping.  Plus, the VG/PG ratio plays a role in the coil selection.  Higher VG e-juices benefit from lower-resistance coils, while higher PG e-juices benefit from coils with higher resistance levels.  That’s because VG is thicker and requires a higher output level to vaporize to the best of its ability, and higher output levels require lower coil resistance levels.  So, when combining multiple e-liquids together, use some quick math to determine the new VG/PG ratio of the finished product, and choose a coil accordingly.

Factor #2: Nicotine Strength

Similarly, to above, if each e-liquid has its own unique nicotine strength, then you’ll need to determine what the new nicotine strength is based on the combined milligrams.  This is because higher nic vape juices typically do best with lower output levels and higher resistance levels, and vice versa.  Failing to use the right coil for your new nicotine strength could result in a nicotine hit that’s simply not satisfying enough, or one that’s so strong it irritates your throat.

Factor #3: Flavor’s Boldness

Each e-liquid has its own strength of flavor based on the ingredients used to flavor it.  And so, some flavor blends will be bolder in taste than others.  Different coil configurations bring out different qualities in a flavor profile, and so you will want to experiment with different coils in order to determine which one makes your new flavor blend taste the best.

Factor #4: Amount of Sweetener

Different e-liquids have unique amounts of sweetener.  Sweetener is not flavoring – it’s simply a thick, sugary substance that adds nothing but sweetness to the flavor profile.  One thing to know about sweetener is that because it’s thick and made of sugar molecules, it can gunk up your coil easily.  Each time you fire a hit, some of that sugar burns and creates a film over your coil.  This accumulates gradually until your coil is totally coated in the stuff.

Lower-resistance coils are more prone to gunk because they reach higher temps.  Therefore, the more sweetener there is in your vape juice, the higher the coil’s resistance level should be.

Overall, the Proper Coils Matter

Flavor-blending is a great way to explore new and exciting flavor profiles without the hassle of making a juice from scratch.  But, if you’re going to go this route, be mindful of the coil that you’re using to vape that new creation.

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