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Have a Happy Hammock Day!

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Hammocks are a key symbol of summer. They are often made out of netting, rope or fabric and suspended between two trees or two sturdy posts. Many people use them for resting, sleeping or just swinging as they enjoy the breeze and warm summer sun. Hammocks are a sign of relaxation, leisure and a stress-free life. As such, join in the celebration on July 22nd for National Hammock Day.

While hammocks got their start from the natives in South and Central America, they have grown and transformed since then. They were once primarily used for sleeping. Later on, they were used on ships for the sailors to have a place to rest that was comfortable. They also helped to maximize the amount of space available on the ship and make the most out of an already cramped environment.

Hammocks weren't always made out of the materials that they are today. The early hammocks were designed using bark off the trees. As you can imagine, the comfort level of an older hammock isn't anywhere near what it is today. These ingenious inventions have continued to grow and change with the times into what they are today. In fact, many hammocks don't even need to be hung between trees or other posts. They come complete with their own stand to make using one of these innovative pieces of equipment today simple and efficient. This is ideal for those who don't have any trees in their yard or aren't equipped to have any poles installed around their home.

Regardless of what type of hammock you have, you should be able to enjoy sitting back and relaxing outside while you enjoy one of your favorite vapes. You can combine two ways to relax into one great pastime. There are so many different flavors out there from which you can choose that you can enjoy a new flavor every day of the week if you so desire.

At Highbrow Vapor, we have an assortment of different flavors that are sure to satisfy your craving and leave you coming back for more. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you will love the blend of dessert flavors we have to offer. From cheesecake torte to Belgian waffle, caramel cake and beyond, there is a dessert flavor for just about everyone out there. Not interested in a dessert flavored vapor? That's okay; we have you covered.

Our line of fruit flavors are sensational and taste absolutely amazing. From apricot to coconut, blueberry, black cherry dulcet and beyond, you will love the taste and fragrance of some of our delectable fruit vapors. Enjoy bringing in the summer with a vapor that leaves you relaxed and invigorated all while relaxing outside in your new hammock. National Hammock Day is less than a month away. Are you ready to relax in style and comfort before the big day arrives? Stock up now so you can enjoy spending July 22nd in your hammock with one of your favorite vapes.

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