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Freebase E-Liquid on the Move

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As we know, more pod systems are coming out with the option of using freebase e-liquid as well as salt-based nicotine e-juice.  These types of high-tech devices pull this off by supplying users with either two unique pod cartridges or two unique coils, which allow users to enjoy their nicotine of choice thanks to a compatible resistance level.  

Thanks to this exciting new technology, vapers can continue to enjoy their freebase nic vape juice after switching over to a more portable and low-maintenance type of hardware setup.  Naturally, vapers wonder if they can simply pour what’s left in their standard or even sub-ohm tank into an open pod cartridge.  Theoretically, this is fine, but in some cases, you may want to wait.

Reasons for Moving Freebase E-Liquid into a Pod Cartridge

Before we get into the reasons for waiting before pouring that e-juice in your tank into your cartridge, let’s talk about why you may want to do this in the first place.

Reason #1: You Wanna More Portable Way to Enjoy Your Freebase E-Juice Flavor

The most common reason is because a vaper is about to leave their home, and they’d rather carry around a pocket-friendly pod system than a large and heavy box mod kit.

Reason #2: You’re Having Problems with Your Tank or Box Mod

Another reason is because there’s something wrong with the sub-ohm setup, and so the vaper must switch to another type of device.

Reasons for Waiting Before Pouring That Freebase E-Juice from Your Tank into Your Pod Cartridge

These are usually the most obvious. 

Reason #1: You Just Vaped a Lot

When we enjoy a particularly lengthy vaping session, the heat from the coil temporarily changes the consistency and molecular structure of the vape juice that’s in our tank.  This means that pouring it directly into a pod cartridge can lead to a dissatisfying vaping experience, as the coil of the pod cartridge can’t handle this change.  If you just chain-vaped, wait a good twenty or so minutes before making the switch.

Reason #2: You’re Unsure of Whether or Not Your Pod Kit Really Does Take Freebase E-Liquid

Another reason to wait is because you haven’t thoroughly read through the user manual of your new pod system, and still aren’t entirely sure that it’s okay to vape freebase e-liquid with a pod mod.  Not all pod systems offer this feature, so make sure that yours does prior to trying to vape freebase nicotine vape juices.

Reason #3: Something is Wrong with Your Tank Coil

If the coil in your tank is either improperly primed, on its last legs or flooding for some reason, you may want to reconsider adding that e-liquid to your pod cartridge.  Problematic coils can ruin the flavor of your e-liquid, and adding it to your cartridge will not make it taste better.

Reason #4: You Haven’t Finished Vaping What’s Inside the Pod Cartridge

If you’re still finishing the vape juice that’s in your pod cartridge, don’t top it off with the e-liquid in your tank.  Wait until what’s in the cartridge runs out.

Reason #5: You Haven’t Cleaned Out Your Pod Cartridge

Your pod cartridge should always be thoroughly cleaned before introducing a new vape juice flavor.

Use this Guide to Know When the Time is Right

Next time you’re planning on enjoying a freebase nic vape juice in a compatible pod system, you might wanna wait before adding the e-liquid that’s in your tank to your new cartridge.  As you can see, there are several ways in which directly pouring e-liquid into a cartridge right after vaping it can backfire. 

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