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Favorite Holiday Traditions to Share

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Christmas Tree TraditionA vape is best enjoyed when shared with special people in your life. When you get to enjoy a beautiful and calming sunset, there is nothing as splendid as a good Cappuccino Diablo. The rich blend of coffee that brings memories of times spent with friends and family over years past.

Vaping with old friends is also a way to meet new friends. Sharing new varieties and flavors of e-liquids during the holidays can create a lasting tradition among friends.  What a novel way to sample new flavors!

Time to Enjoy a Sunrise

Christmas vacation is a good time to share special moments with family, moments that make you who you are today. With influential vapers, you get to enjoy a great morning vape session as you enjoy a beautiful sunrise. The Belgian Waffle provides the best flavor as the day is dawning. It contains some tasty cinnamon notes that are mixed with some delightful maple flavors that take you back to those crisp winter mornings that are incomplete without family and some waffles.

Preparations for the Feast

There is nothing more enjoyable than sharing duties with the family to prepare the Christmas dinner. Good vapers know when to take a break from the kitchen and savor some good times over a delicious vape that will help you think of the bounty of the feast you are about to enjoy as a family.

Gridiron Memories

Sports is a big part of the holiday festivities. The Highbrowbacco French Pipe flavor can help you to relive these memories as you gather around to watch a great game of football. Dads and sons can use this as a great bonding time to enjoy a game they both love. The french pipe flavor has a vanilla flavor combined with sweet cherry that helps revive the sophistication experienced when using old pipes.

Vaping is a new way to share favorite holiday traditions. The fall and transformation into winter is undoubtedly one of the most delightful times of the year. Sharing a conversation with friends while enjoying a well-flavored vape is a good way to relax during the holidays. You get to relieve all the pressures that come with the hustle and bustle of the holidays and just sit back and least for a little while.


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