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Dripping Your Way to Cloud Chasing Success

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We tend to underestimate the variety of reasons why people find vaping to be a fulfilling hobby.  Sure, a lot of us view vaping solely as an alternative to cigarettes, providing our bodies with the nicotine that we crave throughout the day in a fully controlled form.  But, there is an entire separate aspect of vaping all about blowing big, fluffy clouds, and it’s referred to as cloud chasing.

Cloud-chasing is the act of blowing the thickest and largest clouds possible, and it often coincides with vape tricks, which are tricks involving blowing out clouds in unique shapes and patterns.  It’s such a sub-hobby of vaping that there are cloud-chasing competitions held around the country to see whose clouds are the most impressive of all.

If cloud chasing is something that appeals to you, then you are going to need to reconsider the vaping setup that you’re using.

What is Dripping?

Dripping is a vaping style that involves specific hardware to execute.  Sub-ohm vaping is what most of us are used to, which consists of a box mod device paired with a sub-ohm tank that gets its name from its utilization of coils below 1.0 ohms.  This enables big clouds without a doubt, as the combination of a high wattage and a low resistance level keeps e-liquid vapor thick and abundant.  Dripping has also shown that cloud chasing can be positively limitless with just a few tweaks to one’s hardware.

To drip, you need to have a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).  It’s an alternative to a more conventional tank that we’re used to, and they’re easy to find on the hardware market.  RDAs enable us to build our own coils within the tank, as they are equipped with build decks that make it easy for us to come up with various configurations.  This piece of hardware also don’t use a traditional juice well, which is where the name comes from, as the e-liquid is literally dripped directly onto the coil.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers are compatible with regular box mods, and they are also compatible with squonk mods if they have a bottom-feeding attachment.  Most users will find that the mod they’re using is perfectly compatible with an RDA, but for dripping, you’ll want a mod that can reach at least 200 watts, as more power equals more clouds.

It is important to point out that dripping is not beginner-friendly, because the process is a bit more involved, and the act of building coils does not come naturally to first-time vapers.

The Dripping Process

Dripping is a somewhat involved process when compared to traditional vaping, but the cloud potential you get with dripping makes it worth it.  Once you have a fully constructed coil, you attach the RDA to your favorite mod and open up the mouthpiece.  This reveals the coil, onto which you pour three or four drops of e-liquid.  Then you put the mouthpiece back on the RDA and fire a hit.  Each application of a couple drops enables about 2 hits, and you repeat the process over and over again until you’re satisfied.

Cloud-Chasing with a Dripping Setup

Basically, dripping offers the best cloud chasing potential of all vaping styles and hardware configurations.  Allowing the e-liquid to make direct contact with the coil of your atomizer means that each hit you take offers maximum conversion of e-liquid into vapor, which automatically means bigger and fluffier clouds.  Simple, right?

See, with a more traditional sub-ohm vaping setup, you’re at the mercy of the coil’s ability to absorb enough e-liquid to fire a nice hit of vapor.  With dripping, you enjoy more control by ensuring that the coil really utilizes as much e-juice as possible each time you press that firing button.

Dripping may sound like a tedious process, and it is a bit more difficult than traditional forms of vaping, but the reality is that if you want to take your cloud-chasing game to the next level, it’s absolutely a must-have.  All that you need to do is make sure that your mod offers high output capabilities, and that you have an RDA ready to go.  

Additionally, it helps to use high-VG e-juices, which are thicker in consistency, therefore yielding thicker clouds.  The entire dripping process may take some time to get used to, but eventually, you’ll find that your clouds are bigger and denser than ever before.  And, who knows – maybe your cloud skills will become so impressive that you can win a couple competitions here and there.  

Clearly, dripping is not for everyone, as some vapers just want to get their nicotine as easily as possible.  However, there is a reason why dripping has endured as vaping trends have come and gone.  Simply put, it allows a cloud chaser’s dreams to come true.

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