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Draw-Activated Pod Mods: A Real Evolution

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Remember when pod systems first came out?  It’s hard to believe it, but they only hit the market a couple of years ago.  Since then, of course, the technology has evolved tremendously, and we vapers now have access to a large array of exceptionally advanced and one-of-a-kind pod systems so that we can enjoy our e-liquids on our terms.

The First Draw-Activated Pod Devices: A Far Cry from the Advanced Systems We Enjoy Today

When draw-activated pod systems first came out, they were remarkably simplistic pieces of equipment, technologically speaking.  The earliest models were closed pod systems, which meant that they were only compatible with pod cartridges pre-filled with e-liquid produced by the same manufacturer.  This was quite limiting among vapers who enjoy having the ability to choose from a variety of flavors. Additionally, the earliest pod system models operated at fixed output levels, meaning that vapers couldn’t make any adjustments based on their vaping preferences.

Ways in Which Draw-Activated Pod Systems Have Evolved in Just a Couple of Years

The thing about pod kits that made them so popular among a wide range of vapers is that they utilize salt-based nicotine, which can be more satisfying to people who used to smoke.  Salt-based nicotine is more potent, which meant that even highly experienced vapers were willing to give up their large box mod kits in favor of this new vaping development. Additionally, pod systems are far more convenient because of the fact that they’re pocket-friendly.  So, the vaping industry had no choice but to come up with more advanced versions of pod systems to accommodate a wider range of vaping consumers.  

Below are just some of the ways in which pod systems have changed since they first hit the market.

#1: A Variety of Output Settings

One thing that vapers love is that they can now enjoy a variety of output settings while using their draw-activated pod kits.  Many pod systems come with variable wattage, while others offer numerous output modes.

#2: Compatibility with Both Salt Nic and Freebase Nic

Another feature that vapers love is being able to switch between freebase nic and salt nic by simply changing out their pod cartridge within a matter of seconds.  The way in which companies can pull this off is by using different coil resistance levels in each cartridge that they provide along with the kit.

#3: Higher Battery Capacities, Larger Juice Capacities

The first pod systems had very low battery capacities and small juice capacities.  Nowadays, we’re seeing portable, draw-activated pod kits with very powerful batteries, and pod cartridges that can hold several milliliters of e-liquid.  This means that vapers can spend less time recharging and refilling, and more time vaping.

#4: Temperature Control

Temperature control is a very exciting addition to pod vaping.  Not all draw-activated pod kits offer this feature, but more and more top-rated hardware brands are introducing it into their lineups of pod systems.  Temperature control allows vapers to customize more aspects of their vapes based on their individual preferences.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Invest in This Technology

Pod systems started out as extremely simple, technologically minimalistic hardware, but due to growing demand among vapers of all backgrounds, these setups have advanced tremendously in a multitude of ways.  Nowadays, vapers interested in using portable pod kits can choose from a number of unique and exciting settings that let them customize their vapes like never before.

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