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Could Other Smells Around You Affect Your Vaping Experience?

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When we’re vaping a high-quality e-liquid flavor, we expect a satisfactory flavorful  experience that entices our palate and satisfies our cravings while we take in that nicotine.  What’s interesting is that when we talk about the flavor of an e-ljuice, we underestimate just how much that sensory experience is coming not from our taste buds, but the olfactory glands in our nose.  

If you’ve ever tried eating something while dealing with a very stuffy nose, you might know what we mean.  So much of the flavor we pick up on is processed in the form of aroma.  Therefore, your sense of smell plays just as important of a role in your vaping experience as your sense of taste.

So, what happens when there’s a particularly strong smell occurring while you’re vaping?  Well, it can definitely change the way in which you perceive the flavor of your vape juice.  Now, let’s examine this concept further.

Smells You’re Wearing

One culprit is a smell that you’re wearing.  If you wear some type of fragrance, whether it be a perfume, a scented beard product or something else entirely, it will likely change the way that your vape juice tastes.  This is especially true with strong fragrances made from synthetic ingredients, which tend to linger longer and be more potent overall.  If this is happening with you, then consider wearing less fragrance, because if it’s at the point of taking away from your vaping hobby, chances are that you’re simply wearing too much fragrance in general.  

Also, be mindful of how many fragrances you’re wearing at one time.  Many of us simultaneously wear several fragranced products, including cologne, aftershave, conditioner, scented skincare products, scented laundry products, body lotions and so on.  All of these scents at once can overwhelm the olfactory glands, leaving little energy for picking up on the flavor of your vape juice when the time comes to take a hit.

Smells in Your Environment

Of course, the same can be said about smells in your environment, which we may or may not have control over.  For instance, if you’re cooking something very fragrant on the stove, and you’re hitting your vape while in the kitchen, this might take away from the flavor of your e-liquid, because your olfactory glands are busy picking up the complex aroma of what you’re making for dinner.  And, if you’re in an area with unpleasant smells, such as a spot near a garbage dumpster, you may find that the flavor of your vape seems unappealing, because the smell of the garbage is actually getting mixed into that which your senses are picking up on.

What Can You Do About This?  

Well, for one thing, accept that your vapes might be off until the smell dissipates.  Secondly, if you can, try to get away from the smell.  If the smell is inside, step outside to vape.  And, if the smell is outdoors, consider moving away from the offensive area and finding a place that has a more neutral aroma.  Or simply wait it out, knowing that before long, you’ll be back to enjoying your beloved e-liquid flavor without any other smells getting in the way.

Smells around you can most definitely change your vaping experience in terms of the flavor that you’re getting with each puff.  Therefore, it’s important to be conscious of surrounding scents when vaping, and also know that if the taste of your e-liquid is off, it might be something in your environment and not the vape juice itself that’s the culprit. 

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