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Changing E-Liquids Throughout the Day

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Obviously, one of our favorite things about vaping is the fact that we can simply vape our favorite flavors rather than indulging in the treats that most satisfy our taste buds.  Vape juices come in all kinds of varieties, from fluffy cupcakes slathered in creamy frosting to sugary candies that make the sweet tooth swoon.  

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one to savor throughout the day.  The good news is that there are ways to switch between different vape juice flavors within a 24-hour period, if variety is what you’re into.

Is it Okay to Change E-Juices Throughout the Day if You’re Using Freebase Nic E-Liquids with the Same Tank?

First, let’s talk about switching vape juice flavors while using the same tank, and using freebase nic as your type of nicotine.  If you’re going to switch out flavors throughout the day using your sub-ohm tank, make sure that all of the e-liquids you vape are indeed freebase nic, and also, make a point to wash out your tank each time you’re about to switch.

Is it Okay to Change E-Liquids Throughout the Day if You’re Using Salt Nic E-Liquid with the Same Cartridge?

If you’re a salt nic fan using a pod system, it’s fine to switch between different flavors while using the same cartridge.  Again, if you can, clean out the cartridge between refilling with a new flavor to ensure that you don’t get remnants of the last flavor while you vape.  And, don’t put any freebase nic e-liquids in the same cartridge that you’re using.


There are other methods for switching between flavors as well.  One is to carry multiple tanks or cartridges with you that each contain a different vape juice flavor.  This way, you don’t have to manually refill while you’re away from home, where it can be more difficult to fill your tank without making a mess.

Now, if you’re a vaper who likes both freebase nic and salt nic e-juices, then you can try another option.  There are many pod systems out there that allow you to switch between these two types of nicotine depending on how you feel, and they do this by offering two different pod cartridges that are each refillable.  One pod cartridge is compatible with salt nic and one is compatible with freebase nic, based on the coil configuration within each cartridge.  This way, you can fill one up with freebase nic e-juice and one with salt nic e-juice, and simply replace the cartridges throughout the day as you so wish.  This is easily the most versatile and user-friendly option for switching flavors thanks to the unique nature of these types of pod systems.

Vape the Day Away with Those Flavors 

As you can see, there are different ways to enjoy a variety of flavors within a day’s time.  Based on your hardware and your unique needs, choose which method works best for you based on the guide above.

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