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Can You Vape Right After Getting the Flu Shot?

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Flu season is upon us, and by now, a lot of us have at least one friend or family member who has fallen victim to this potentially dangerous virus.  There is no cure for the flu, and we know that for certain people, the flu can be deadly. For this reason, it’s very important to do what we can to avoid catching the flu during this time of year.  

As we know, one way to prevent catching the flu is getting the flu shot that comes out on an annual basis.  Now, when we get the flu shot, we want to do everything that we can in order to make sure that it does its job, preventing the virus from infecting the body.  So, it’s only natural that our vaping friends wonder whether their hobby can potentially interfere with the flu shot’s effectiveness.  

Vaping and the Flu Shot: What You Need to Know

So, what is the flu shot, exactly?  Well, each year, a group of medical researchers get together in order to predict which strains of the flu will be the most prevalent during the flu season to come.  Then, they produce a vaccine against those particular strains.

Given that the flu shot is technically a vaccine, it is capable of weakening a person’s immune system for a very brief period of time following administration.  This means that during this time, a person has to be very careful to avoid being around those who are sick and has to make every effort to stay away from things that can cause the immune system to become more compromised.

The thing is that we don’t know whether or not vaping can directly alter the way in which the flu shot works, because there has been no research done on the matter.  However, given the fact that the flu shot has a temporary effect on the immune system, many people decide to take a day or two off of vaping just as a precautionary move.  If you’re concerned about your own immune system, you may decide it’s best to cut down on vaping around the time of receiving the flu shot.

Final Vaping Thoughts

As of now, there are no studies showing a link between the flu shot’s effectiveness and vaping.  Therefore, this should be left to your own discretion. However, if you’re concerned about your immune system, you may wanna be on caution’s side and avoid vaping as much as you can right after receiving the flu shot.

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