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Can Setting an Open Pod System’s Wattage Level Allow Your Freebase E-Juice to Last Longer?

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Nowadays, more pod systems on the market offer advanced options, with the most common one being adjustable wattage.  The wattage of your device, in short, informs how hard your coil works to vaporize your e-liquid according to the output of the battery power.  Open pod mods that use adjustable wattage operate at lower wattage ranges overall than box mods, because only low wattages are compatible with salt-based nicotine.  This is why pod mods rarely go above 60 watts, while box mods can reach up to 230 watts easily.

So, what affect does the wattage of your pod mod system have on how quickly you go through your e-liquid?  Let’s find out.

#1: The Wattage Determines How Much E-Liquid Gets Vaporized Per Hit 

The wattage, at the end of the day, determines how much e-liquid actually gets vaporized when you fire your device.  This is because the more power is sent to the coil, the hotter the coil gets, and the hotter the coil gets, the more liquid is transformed into vapor.  

Within each coil is a wick that holds vape juice, and when that coil gets hot, the liquid in the wick vaporizes. If the coil gets extremely hot, it is going to vaporize a whole lot of e-juice at once.  This is one reason why a lot of pod mod users prefer to keep their device set at a lower wattage.  It makes a pretty noticeable difference in terms of how long that e-liquid lasts before it runs empty.

#2: The Wattage Plays a Role in Dry Hits 

Remember too that the higher the wattage, the greater the chance for dry hits.  Dry hits occur when the coil gets hotter than it can accommodate the e-liquid in its wick, and so rather than vaporizing vape juice, it simply burns.  Dry hits are considered wasted hits, because e-liquid burns rather than turns into a fluffy and smooth cloud.  The more frequently you experience dry hits, the more e-liquid you’ll be wasting, and so keeping your wattage level on the lower side is a good way to prevent this from happening.

Each E-Liquid is Unique 

Remember that every e-liquid has its own distinctive formula in terms of its VG/PG ratio, its nicotine strength, and flavoring ingredients.  Complicating things further, a lot of open pod mod systems on the market today allow you to quickly switch between freebase nic and salt nic e-juices, with each one responding to wattage in its own way.  

Therefore, the specific vape juice that you’re using definitely plays a role in how quickly you burn through vape juice.  As of now, there is no indication that salt nic burns faster than freebase nic, or vice versa.  Some say salt nic burns more slowly not because of the nature of the hardware the vaper is using, but because salt nic offers a more potent type of nicotine, and therefore the user takes fewer hits per session to find the satisfaction that they are looking for.  

Regardless, you may find that some vape juices just burn more quickly than others for no reason that has to do with the wattage at which your pod mod is set.

Setting Your Pod Mod’s Wattage to Preserve Your E-Liquid

If one of your main priorities when it comes to vaping with a pod mod is making your e-liquid last, there’s something simple that you can do.  When you first set up your pod device, set the wattage to zero, or however low it allows.  Then, work your way up a couple of wattage levels at a time, taking a couple of hits to test whether or not the wattage is giving you a satisfying vape.  This way, you’ll never set the wattage higher than is necessary, which can cause the e-liquid to burn through very quickly.

Pod System Wattage Settings Really Do Have an Effect on Freebase E-Juices

How you have set the wattage of your pod mod device can definitely determine how quickly you go through your vape juice.  Luckily, all that that’s really needed is to adjust your wattage gradually to make sure you never exceed the output level you require to get vaping satisfaction.  The lower the wattage, the longer your vape juice will last.

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