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Best Ways to Store Your Vape Hardware

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We focus a lot of our energy on choosing the best hardware on the market and learning how to use it properly to get the most out of its many features.  But we tend to neglect an equally important part of being the owner of a vaping setup, which is storage.  How you store your hardware can largely determine how long it will continue to help you savor satisfying vapes.  

Why is Storing Your Hardware Properly So Important?

Vape hardware must be stored properly at all times, or else it simply won’t work anymore.  Storing your gear improperly can cause debris to get into important components, interfering with its functionality.  Or, storing your hardware in the wrong manner can cause pieces to become broken due to accidents.

#1: Keep Your Batteries Encased

The first thing that you should do is keep spare batteries in some type of protective case.  Loose batteries stored in a drawer or stuffed into your pocket can lead to a host of problems.  For one thing, dirt on the connections can cause the batteries to no longer be capable of powering your device.  Worse, batteries that make contact with metal run the risk of losing their charge altogether and needing to be replaced.

#2: Unplug Your Charger When It’s Not in Use

We know that it may sound tedious, but it’s smart to unplug your charger when it’s not in use.  No vape battery charger is built to last forever, and never unplugging it can make it die sooner than later.  Your charger does not have an on and off switch, and so when it’s plugged into the wall, it’s utilizing power.  And, ultimately, all hardware has a finite level of power.

#3: Keep Your Devices Protected

It’s important to keep your devices stored in a way that protects them from all types of damage.  Storing them in the wrong places puts them at risk of being casualties to accidents, such as being knocked over or dropped.  Plus, you don’t want your devices getting dirty, as this can interfere with their circuitry.  

So, where should you keep your devices when they’re not in use?  Ideally, in a place that’s clean, cool, dry and secure.  Heat can damage the device by causing the circuitry to fry, as can water or even excess moisture in the air.  The area must be clean for obvious reasons and must be in a place where it won’t easily fall or get bumped into.

#4: Keep Track of Your Spare Parts

You know those spare parts that come with your kit, that you think you’ll never need to use?  Well, the reality is that you never know when something will break, and you’ll need to replace it immediately, otherwise risk not being able to vape.  So, keep your spare parts in their original box so that you know where they are at all times.

#5: Don’t Leave Your Setup Outdoors

Lastly, never leave your hardware outdoors.  There are simply too many weather-related factors that can damage it.  Rain can fry the circuitry, as can excessively heat.  Extreme cold can freeze the circuits that power your device. And, even wind can simply knock your device onto the ground, causing it to break.

Storing Your Vape Hardware Properly is Incredibly Important

Unless you want to end up with broken or malfunctioning components on a regular basis.  Use this guide to store your gear properly so that it can give you wonderful vaping pleasure for a long time to come.

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