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Best Vape Battery Types: ICR (LiCoO2 or LiCd), IMR (LiMn), and Hybrid

Even many vapers who have been enjoying their vaping hobby for years are at a loss when you ask them to explain the different types of vape batteries that are on the market today.  The reality is that the battery itself tends to be the most overlooked part of the vaping setup, in spite of it being, arguably, more important than any other component.  The right battery isn’t just adequately powerful, but it’s safe and delivers electricity to the vaping device in a controlled manner to offer a vaping experience that consistently satisfies.

Because of how important the topic of batteries is, we’re going to be comparing the three main models that are on the market today: ICR, IMR and hybrid batteries.  As you’ll see, there’s actually an enormous difference between all three, which can play a major role in your vaping hobby overall.

Why the Vape Battery Topic Matters So Much

Many people find vape batteries a boring subject, but the reality is that the battery you use has a lot to do with how well your setup functions.  Many people think that all vape batteries are basically the same regardless of the exact configurations, as long as they fit into the device properly and allow the mod to turn on.  

There are, in fact, however, different varieties of vape batteries that each have their own unique configurations and materials, which can play a role not only in the ability to power your device adequately but ensure that your battery behaves safely.

Some batteries that may fit into your mod are actually harmful and can combust due to an improper combination of configurations.  Fortunately, most mods have safety features nowadays that prevent serious harm from being done, but if you’re not using a more advanced mod, you need to be extra careful.  Besides that, some mods just don’t respond to outdated batteries because of safety issues.

ICR Batteries

Typically come in LiCoO2 and LiCd configurations.  These batteries are basically considered standard li-ion models, and most experienced vapers have used them throughout their vaping careers.  They’re made with lithium cobalt oxide and feature protective cells that aid in the safety of the battery.  While this may make you think that they are the safest batteries out there for vaping, the reality is that the opposite is true.  This protective feature simply points to how common it is for these batteries to malfunction, and that is due to their instability.

ICR batteries made more sense when vaping devices didn’t go much farther than 100 watts.  But these batteries are known for being unstable, and they really do not perform consistently in the more advanced box mods that are available today.  Once you go past 100 watts, your batteries can start misfiring in a way that is either dangerous or, at the very least, not conducive to a reliable vaping experience.  This is why ICER batteries are largely considered obsolete today.  While you can still find them in some places, they are not recommended, and rarely sold in vape shops.  

Today’s more popular choices have higher amp limits which can handle the demands of high-powered box mods that go up to 200 or more watts.

IMR Batteries

A more popular than ICR batteries, they’re better for the high output levels of modern vaping devices, being much more stable to handle the demands.  Being made with lithium manganese (LiMn) makes them safer as they can support various wattage and temperature levels without putting the user or device at risk.  IMR batteries are easy to find these days, and basically any standard vape shop will have a variety available for users to choose from.  The risks of malfunction are extremely low, especially when compared to ICR batteries.

IMR batteries operate more consistently as well, being stabler, which means that vapers generally have a more satisfying vape experience.  They don’t cause inconsistencies in the quality of each hit, which is important to any vaper.  This means that vapers can operate their devices at extremely high output levels without sacrificing a reliable experience.

Because IMR batteries are not low-draining like ICR batteries, they last longer between charging sessions.  Their capacities are lower on paper than ICR batteries, but this is more than compensated for by their high-draining nature.  They feature a low internal resistance that allows the batteries to last longer overall, as well.


The newest vape batteries to hit the scene are hybrid batteries, which combine chemical elements of IMR batteries with those of NCR and ICR batteries, which allows the capacity of the battery to be higher than a regular IMR.  This means that the batteries are, as a result, more powerful and long-lasting between charging sessions.  Essentially, it’s the ideal if you’re a heavy vaper who requires a lot of power, and goes through e-liquid a lot in a short period of time.  

Hybrid batteries bring to the table the high stability of IMR models, operating consistently at high output levels.  As box mod devices are getting more powerful than ever before, it’s not surprising that hybrid batteries are quickly becoming the go-to among serious vapers, and are now fairly easy to find in vape shops.  They’re still new to the market, but you will have no trouble finding the right ones for your setup regardless.  As an added bonus, they have such a long lifespan that you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of them before having to replace them.

Make the Right Battery Choice!

As you can see, the different types of vape batteries that are available actually play a huge role in your ability to enjoy a solid vaping experience.  We do believe that hybrid batteries will continue to prove to be superior, but IMR batteries are still adequate, not to mention safe.  The next time you go to replace your batteries, really consider the type of battery you wish to use so that you can vape safely and in a way that brings you the most satisfaction.

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