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Best Flavorful E-Liquid Blends You Can Vaping Create at Highbrow Vapor

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At Highbrow Vapor, we go to great lengths to create the most mouthwatering, high-quality flavors on the market.  If you’ve tried our e-liquids, you can appreciate our efforts. Our selection of premium vape juices consists of a wide range of tastes that hit the spot in their own unique way.  But, if you’ve already tried all of the flavors that we have to offer, why not blend them?  

Blending two Highbrow Vapor flavors together is a great way to treat yourself to a new flavor profile while expressing your creative side.  Many of our flavors were made to complement each other, and experimenting with different blends is a great way to get more pleasure out of your vaping experience.  Below, you’ll discover our five favorite blends that make our mouths water like crazy.

Flavor Blend #1: Amaretto Amore and Apricot

What’s not to love about authentic amaretto?  The blend of almonds and apricots is nothing short of intoxicating.  Our Amaretto Amore flavor is absolutely delicious on its own, offering a spot-on replica of this iconic liquor.  But, adding some of our Apricot to our Amaretto Amore intensifies the fruitiness of it, which allows it to become more refreshing.

Flavor Blend #2: Cigar and Clove

Our Cigar flavor is easily our most robust, bold tobacco that we have to offer, boasting notes of richness, sweetness and nuttiness.  When you add some of our Clove, you end up with an exotic flavor profile that keeps hitting the spot over and over again. This ancient spice does wonders for our smooth cigar tobacco, adding complexity that keeps the palate on the edge of its seat.

Flavor Blend #3: Orange de Sangre and Raspberry

In the mood for something that will quench your thirst?  Our customers know that our Orange de Sangre is one of the most authentic, clean orange juice flavors out there.  By adding some of our Raspberry to it, you end up with a fresh, invigorating fruity elixir that tastes like a vibrant morning sunset.  Tart, sweet, zesty and tangy, this delicious blend checks all of the boxes.

Flavor Blend #4: Watermelon and Menthol

If you want to feel deeply refreshed and exhilarated when you vape, just wait until you combine our famous Watermelon flavor with our signature Menthol.  What you end up with is a crisp, soothing vape that delivers an intense icy finish. Each puff tastes just like summertime in e-juice form.

Flavor Blend #5: Vanilla Bourbon Bean and Crème Brulee

If decadence is what you’re after, you’re going to want to combine our Vanilla Bourbon Bean with our Crème Brulee.  Alone, our Crème Brulee is rich, creamy and luxurious. Adding Vanilla Bourbon Bean to it intensifies the warm vanilla taste while adding just a hint of intoxicating bourbon.

Create a Masterful Highbrow Vapor Flavor Combination Today!

Each e-liquid is unique in its own way, satisfying those cravings while taking the taste buds on a journey.  If you’re feeling especially creative, we encourage you to come up with some innovative flavor blends of your own and let us know how they turned out.

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