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Best 2021 Springtime E-Liquids from Highbrow Vapor

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Spring is in the air once again, after a long and dreary winter, and the majority of us are eager to enjoy the longer days and milder temperatures.  If you’re a vaper, then you’ll want to trade in those heavy, cozy vape juice flavors for ones that reflect the exhilarating sensations of the season.  And, at Highbrow Vapor, we have your needs covered with four exquisite e-juices that are inspired by the flavors of springtime.

#4: Green Tea

Spring is a season of cleansing, when we leave behind the heaviness of winter and welcome a rejuvenated sense of being.  Therefore, Green Tea is the perfect springtime flavor, with its clean, restorative flavor profile that is cooling and refreshing, like a gentle spring breeze.

Green tea starts out with the gratifying earthiness for which this beverage is known, cleansing your spirit as you awaken your senses once again.  The mild sweetness of honey comes into play, reminding you of the buzzing bees that signal the beginning of the season.  A gentle note of vanilla adds decadence to the experience.  On the exhale, feel thoroughly exhilarated.

#3: Black Cherry Dulcet

Once the weather warms up, our favorite fruits come back into season, just in time to refresh us as we prepare to endure the higher temperatures of the outdoors.  Few seasonal fruits are as celebrated as the black cherry, with its intoxicating sweetness and tang, and explosive juiciness.  Black Cherry Dulcet is our tribute to this beautiful berry.

The inhale gives you that rush of gentle tartness that wakes up every single taste bud, followed by a generous amount of sweetness while the freshness of the fruit remains apparent all along.

#2: Highbrowbacco - Menthol 

Spring is a season of invigoration, as we feel like we’re coming back to life, and notice a refreshed sense of energy.  Therefore, Highbrowbacco - Menthol is a great springtime companion, delivering that rich and full-bodied tobacco taste with an exhilarating hit of cold menthol to make you feel enlivened after each puff.

The flavor profile begins with that rich, nutty tobacco taste that always hits the spot, with just a touch of sweetness to balance out the earthiness.  The exhale cools your palate with fresh menthol crystals that feel like a breeze running through your mouth.

#1: Strawberry Lemonade 

Once the warm weather does finally arrive, it’s time to sip on our favorite refreshing beverages, and no beverage is more appropriate for the warm weather than lemonade.  Our Strawberry Lemonade offers a classic twist on this beloved drink and is certain to hit the spot all season long.

Strawberry Lemonade starts out with the tartness of the citrus, which is complemented by the smooth tang of freshly picked strawberries.  The overall flavor profile becomes sweeter before quenching your thirst just in time for the exhale.

Welcome the Spring Season with These Flavorful Vapes at Highbrow Vapor

Now that spring is right around the corner, it is time to stock up on spring-inspired e-liquids that help you welcome the season in style.  These vape juices are going to make you feel like the spring season has arrived as they refresh your palate and amp you up for the warmer weather ahead.

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