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Best 2020 Summertime E-Juices to Be Vaping from Highbrow Vapor

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It’s that time of year again when the weather is warm and we’re all spending lots of time outdoors.  Once summer kicks in, our tastes change from the comforting and warming treats of the colder days to fresh, bright flavors that captivate the feeling of the season.  

Some Summertime E-Liquids to Choose From

At Highbrow Vapor, we’ve got some pretty spectacular vape juices to enjoy all summer long.

Summertime E-Juice #3: Apricot

First up, we’ve got Apricot.  Now, who doesn’t feel instantly refreshed when they bite into one of those lovely, plump fruits?  Our Apricot flavor contains apricot extract that ensures a natural, fresh and authentic taste that you’ll never want to put down.  Each puff has that perfect brightness that is slowly overtaken by seductive sweetness.

At first, the tangy notes come to life on the tongue, making your taste buds buzz with excitement.  Then, you’ll get the fresh juices that refresh you like crazy, followed by a gentle hit of sugar on the exhale.

Summertime E-Juice #2: Blueberry

Juicy blueberries are synonymous with summer, and personally, we can’t get enough of them all season long.  That’s why we put so much work into crafting the highest-quality blueberry flavor that we possibly could.  When you vape this e-juice, you’ll taste real, ripe blueberries, end of story.

Once the vapor enters your mouth, the subtle tartness gets your mouth watering as the succulent nectar puts your mind at ease.  On the exhale, the sweetness dominates.

Summertime E-Juice #1: Blackberry Limoncello

Finally, we’ve got Blackberry Limoncello, which is every bit as decadent yet refreshing as you would imagine.  Freshly picked blackberries are sweetened with sugar and poured into a bowl, followed by a generous drizzle of pure limoncello.  

As you pull in the vapor, the sharpness of the berries hits the spot, followed by that zesty lemon taste.  On the exhale, nothing but sweetness remains.

Savor These Summery Favorites All Season Long

Highbrow Vapor has got your summertime vaping needs covered with these awesome e-liquid delights made with excellent ingredients and natural flavors.  Whichever you choose, we’re certain that it’ll pair perfectly with your summer plans, no matter what they are.

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