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Being a Speedy or Slow Vaper

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When was the last time you paid attention to how fast you vape?  We fixate on the output level of our device, the flavor that we’re enjoying and the type of nicotine we’re taking in.  But rarely do we consider how much the rate at which we take each hit affects our overall vaping experience.

Speedy Vaping

Speedy vaping is essentially chain-vaping.  It means that rather than taking your time between each hit, you’re taking as many hits as you can in a short period of time.  Speedy vaping is most typically associated with nicotine intake, as most people who vape fast do so because they want the high amount of nicotine in a short period of time.  However, sometimes, vaping at a rapid pace can give you so much nicotine that you feel mildly unwell for a short while.

Speedy vaping is also going to cause you to burn through your e-liquid and coils more quickly.  Not giving both the coil and the vape juice a chance to cool down between each hit will result in more evaporation of the liquid and burning through of the coil’s functionality.  

Slow Vaping

Slow vaping is a more leisurely activity that’s associated mostly with cloud-chasers.  They tend to vape for the relaxation aspect rather than the nicotine and feel that taking their time with each hit results in bigger, fluffier clouds that can truly be appreciated.  Slow vaping is definitely going to save your coils and e-liquid more efficiently.  But it will reduce the sensation of nicotine in the bloodstream by spacing out each intake.  

If you’re a slow vaper, there’s no need to change your routine if you’re happy with the experience that you get each time you hit your mod.  Slow vaping will make your goods last longer, which will save you money, and reduce the chances of feeling mildly unwell due to too much nicotine.

Finding the Balance

So, how do you find the balance between the two if you’re a nicotine-loving cloud chaser?  Well, the first step is simply being conscious.  For so many of us, we’ve been vaping for so long that the act is automatic, meaning we don’t really stop and think about what we’re doing.  So, pay attention to how much time you take between each hit, and then decide whether or not it should be adjusted to change your experience.

Also, you may find that your rate of hits is fine, but you’re simply not getting the desired results.  For instance, lowering the nicotine strength can let you continue to vape quickly without getting so much of a powerful nicotine dose per session.

Vape Speed Thrills 

As you can see, how quickly you vape can alter your experience in more ways than you may think.  The next time you’re enjoying a vaping session, pay attention to how fast you’re vaping, and decide whether or not adjustments need to be made to better customize your experience to suit your vaping goals.

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