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Top 3 Creamy Flavors from Highbrow Vapor

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There's nothing like treating yourself to a rich and creamy vape juice flavor when you're in need of a pick-me-up. At Highbrow Vapor, you'll find a variety of delectable e-liquids that are dripping with silky, rich cream. Below, you'll discover the three best creamy vape juice flavors that Highbrow Vapor has to offer. 


Creamy-Type E-Liquid #3: Cheesecake Torte

A classic cheesecake flavor that will blow you away. Each flavor component is executed perfectly, resulting in a vaping experience that delivers in every way. The rich and smooth cheesecake base has notes of vanilla and the perfect amount of tang from the cream cheese. The crust is sweet, buttery and delicious. When you inhale, the tangy cream cheese hits you immediately. Smooth vanilla and rich cream emerge as the sweetness intensifies. With each exhale, that mouth-watering crust balances out the creaminess. 

Creamy-Type E-Liquid #2: Hazelnut Cream

Rich and nutty blend of buttery hazelnuts and luxuriously smooth cream. The notes of chocolate from the hazelnuts will satisfy your dessert cravings while that creaminess makes you feel like you're indulging in something decadent. The inhale delivers that rich hazelnut taste that never fails to hit the spot. A touch of sweetness brings out the warm, nutty flavor as the vapor soaks into the taste buds. With each exhale, a drizzle of cream lands on the tongue. 

Creamy-Type E-Liquid #1: Creme Brulee

This juice is a ridiculously satisfying take on an iconic dessert. Every puff is like a mouthful of velvety vanilla custard that provides you with an intoxicating aftertaste of caramelized sugar. When you inhale, the richness of the custard makes you salivate. The smooth vanilla flavor rushes across the taste buds as the creaminess of the custard drenches your palate. On the exhale, the caramelized sugar balances out the custard's richness. 

Indulge in The Creaminess!

Each of these e-liquids from Highbrow Vapor has that succulent creaminess that will have your mouth watering whenever you take a puff.

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