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An Enthralling Oktoberfest Near You

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OktoberfestIt's that time of the year when the raptures of Oktoberfest sets sail upon many towns and cities in the United States and across the world. Did you know that 6 million visitors are part of the Oktoberfest celebrations in the US every year, even though its origin is in Germany?

Perhaps the most celebrated beer merrymaking fest of all time; Oktoberfest is a grand festivity of fun and frolic for revelers across the globe. If you're in the US, you're never far away from a local Oktoberfest gala, bursting with drinks, dance and drama.

No matter where you decide to celebrate Oktoberfest, you'll always feel familiar with a few staples –– fantastic music, delicious food and beer from around the world. If you're around the area, you'll love some of these exhilarating Oktoberfest celebrations near you:

MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest

Held in mid September every year, the MainStrasse Village Oktoberfest is one of the top events in Kentucky, attracting over 125,000 visitors from around the region. Producing an eclectic mix of great food, music and dance, this popular festival is the highlight of the Kentucky region.

Alpine Village Oktoberfest

Held between early September and October, the Alpine Village Oktoberfest is celebrated as one of the best in the world and is also one of the oldest festivals taking place in Southern California. Attracting nearly 100,000 visitors every year, you'll enjoy Bavarian entertainment, contests and traditional beers.

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas Oktoberfest

Held from mid September to late October in Las Vegas, the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas Oktoberfest is a replica of the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich and has an authentic German feel to the entire event. Enjoy fabulous German-inspired meats, pretzels and beers brewed to perfection.

Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest

The Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest is one of the top rated festivals in the country for over 42 years and features everything German –– from food and beer to contests and game booths. Feel like you've walked into a German town when you draw in the delight of this exhilarating festival in Big Bear Lake, California.

Denver Oktoberfest

Held from mid to end September, the Denver Oktoberfest is one of the longest running and top rated festivals in the United States. For two weeks every year, the city brims with all things German –– from music and dance to cultural performance and food. Try out the strudel dessert and bratwurst, and feel like you're in a local German town.

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