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Adding More Flavor to an E-Liquid or Letting It Be?

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If there’s one thing that vapers care a lot about, it’s flavor.  After all, an e-liquid has to taste good in order to make us enjoy the act of vaping.  Of course, all of us have different preferences when it comes to flavor.  Some of us desire nothing more than a rich and robust tobacco, while others deeply yearn for sweet and sour candy flavors that tickle their sweet tooth.  However, what we all have in common is that we want that flavor to be powerful enough to excite the taste buds whenever we pull on our mods.

Sometimes, we end up with an e-liquid that’s weak in terms of its flavor.  When this happens, we can consider adding more flavor to our e-liquid with a flavor concentrate.  But, is this always the right move? You’re about to find out.

When It’s a Good Idea to Add More Flavor

Some e-liquids are stronger and more complex in flavor than others, so using a flavor concentrate is a great way to boost the taste of a weak or flat e-liquid.  In these cases, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider adding more flavor to your vape juice. Additionally, adding a little more flavor concentrate can help stretch out your e-liquid a bit, which can be convenient if you’re running low and don’t have time to get to the nearest vape shop.

Another reason why you may want to add more flavor is to diversify its flavor profile.  For instance, if you have a tobacco-flavored vape juice, you may want to add a caramel flavor concentrate to create a new flavor combination.

When It’s Not a Good Idea to Add More Flavor

We don’t suggest adding more flavor to an e-liquid if the e-liquid has a bad taste, as in, a taste that just doesn’t agree with your palate, or a flavor that signifies a lack of quality in the ingredients.  Adding a flavor concentrate to a poor-tasting vape juice is a waste as it’s hard to make something that tastes bad to begin with better.

How to Add More Flavor Properly

If you wanna add more flavor to your e-liquid, there are some rules that you must follow.

Use High-Quality Flavor Concentrates Only

First, only purchase high-quality flavor concentrates.  Otherwise, you’ll risk making your e-liquid taste worse than before.  Some companies use better ingredients than others, so do your homework to find a brand that creates exceptional products.

Do it Gradually

The average vape juice contains ten percent flavoring, which means that every drop of flavor really makes a difference.  When you add flavor concentrate to an e-liquid, do so a tiny bit at a time. Too much flavor, after all, can be just as bad as too little flavor.  Add a couple drops, shake your bottle and taste it to see if it’s right. If not, add a couple more drops at a time until you’re satisfied.

Use Complementary Flavors

Lastly, it’s important that you only add flavor concentrates that are complementary to the flavor that you’re vaping.  For instance, adding a vanilla custard flavor to a sour apple candy may not be very satisfying.

Flavor Concentrates Exist for a Reason

Besides the fact that they can help you make a vape juice from scratch, they can also add more flavor to an e-liquid that you’ve purchased online or in a store.  The key to using a flavor concentrate to make your e-juice taste better is adding it in moderation and ensuring that the flavor concentrate you choose is compatible with the flavor that you’re already vaping.  

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