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This Fall, Go "Au Naturel"

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Lately, we've been mentioning a lot that our premium E Liquid is all natural. It seems we just can't stop talking about. Really, though, it's noteworthy in so many ways, and--more importantly--it's what sets Highbrow apart from the ever-growing competition.
At Highbrow Vapor, we aim to create a one-of-a-kind vaping experience, creating many of the extracts and essences that are the basis of our E Liquids from scratch. So your inhale and exhale invoke as clearly and cleanly as possible flavors found in nature. So our fruit flavors mimic real, juicy, fresh off the vine fruit, not gummy candy or sugary syrups. No chemically after-taste or artificial intensity.
Family secrets and propriety--along with the guarantee of continuity and a unique, unrepeatable vaping experience--prevent us from disclosing the exact mixture for our flavorings. However, all of our products are guaranteed 100% natural. Each of our E Liquids is composed of a PG/VG blend (of your choosing), nicotine, and natural flavors. Though we might generalize when describing flavor additives (trade secrets!), we make plain and clear our ingredients--including potential allergens--on our Ingredients Page. No hidden additives, no scary or artificial ingredients. Just honest, natural flavorings.
FallAnd what better time to celebrate nature than Fall, a season of harvest, of giving thanks to the earth. September's subtle seasonal shifts lead way to October's pumpkins and November's bounty of earth-borne abundance. This is the season of hot apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes and fresh fruit pies. A season to celebrate the earth's natural offerings, before we tuck ourselves away for the winter. 
To this end, we offer several outstanding e liquid flavors. The natural apple taste in Eve's Delight is so good it should be a sin. The sweet yet slightly tart flavor of crisp red autumn apple leaves a fresh and clean taste on your tongue. Add a touch of our brown sugary Caramel or spicy-sweet Cinnamon for a fun fall treat. We're thinking caramel apples, hot cider...the choice is up to you! Customization is not only accepted, it's encouraged! 
Around the world, people welcome fall by bringing nature into their homes, and mouths, with hazelnuts. Countries as diverse as France and Spain celebrate this season by gathering these nuts from nature and roasting them over an open fire. The smell is pure Autumn, pure comfort and warmth. Duplicate this delicacy with our Hazelnut Cream e juice, a nutty, creamy, smooth flavor that's sure to satisfy. 
And there's nothing more celebratory of fall's fresh flavors than Grandpa Dave's Pomegranate. Harvested right here in the San Joaquin Valley (Highbrow Vapor HQ), starting in late autumn, this painstakingly crafted E Liquid comes straight from our garden. We remove the ruby-red seeds and reduce them to their purest concentrated form, giving us the base for a sweet, tart, fresh and natural E Juice. 
Our commitment to 100% natural shows through in our process, our flavors, and our honesty.

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