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Mindfulness, Meditation and...E Cigarettes?

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Or maybe we should call this "Back to Buzzwords with Highbrow Vapor." Because it seems that everyone is, well, abuzz about mindfulness and meditation as a cure-all, claiming that it can reduce stress and anxiety, help to manage moods and depression, serve as a weight-loss tool, and boost happiness.
But what IS mindfulness, and how does it relate to E Cigarettes? Most simply, mindfulness means paying attention. It comes from the Buddhist practice, which advocates cultivating mindfulness in every day life in an effort to maintain a calm awareness of one's body, feelings, and mind. Psychologists are increasingly turning to mindfulness practices as a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, encouraging patients to observe their thoughts without judgement as a way to understand and overcome negative or destructive thought patterns and behaviors. And mindful eating is becoming evermore popular as a way to manage weight, with a focus on thoughtful, intentional eating (no TV, no eating in the car, etc.) and attentive enjoyment of meals, instead of calorie counting or traditional diets.
The cornerstone of most mindfulness practices involves some form of meditation, sitting quietly and attempting to still the mind through repetition of a mantra, observation of thought, or both. Every day, research shows that mindfulness meditation offers a world of benefits. An April 2011 study from the Journal of Neuroscience found that even a short meditation training could cut pain perception by almost half.
Yet mindfulness and meditation don't necessarily require any training whatsover. They can be achieved by focusing on the breath. Deep inhales, slow exhales. You know, like...when you're enjoying an E Cigarette. Breathing is an automatic function, designed to keep us alive. But it has so many more under-considered benefits. Breathing is responsible for 70% of our body's toxic release, expelling carbon dioxide with every exhale. It increases oxygen in your bloodstream, which releases tension, increases muscle, strengthens the immune system, improves digestion, and boosts energy levels AND mood.
The best news is: you may already be doing this. When you pause throughout your day to enjoy an E Cigarette with Highbrow Vapor premium E Liquid, treat it as a small meditation, a moment to breathe and reflect. Focus on your inhales and exhales, and savor the finely crafted E Juices, while trying to steady your thoughts. Some particularly zen-like Highbrow blends include Highbrowbacco Clove--with a mild, cigar-like essence and a light, pleasing spiced clove taste--or Highbrowbacco Mentholwith its warm, exotic tobacco blend on the inhale and crisp, cool, natural mint exhale.
So make mindfulness and meditation a part of your day. Focus on your breath, your thoughts, and your delicious, smoke-free, all-natural E Liquid from Highbrow Vapor. 

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