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According to the American Lung Association (, there are around 600 ingredients in cigarettes. Six. HUNDRED. (Is now a good time to mention that our premium e liquid contains closer to...six? Or less!) Of course, we all know that traditional cigarettes are for smoking (duh), and therein lies the rub. And by "rub," we mean "potentially life-threatening danger." When smoked, standard cigarettes create over 4,000 chemicals--many of them poisonous--and at least 50 of which are KNOWN to cause cancer. Moreover, while activists have made the public increasingly aware of the dangers of cigarettes, no warning exists for the toxins in tobacco smoke.
At Highbrow, we produce our world-class e liquids with nothing more than propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine (or both) and 100% natural flavorings (plus maybe just a touch of alcohol, for some of our bold, boozy flavors, like Amaretto Amore). While the exact proportions and formulations of our flavorings will remain a well-kept family secret, our e liquids are guaranteed 100% natural and American-made.
So now that you've switched from smoking to vaping (and we're oh so glad that you did), what will become of all the harsh chemicals and toxins you're leaving behind? Don't worry, you can still find them in many common household products. You can find acetone in nail polish remover (no need to paint over your smoke-stained nails anymore, either!), or butane in lighter fluid (though you won't have much of that around, will you?). Carbon monoxide is all around, especially in congested cities, coming out of tailpipes left and right, while the streets are literally paved with tar. Cadmium and lead are in the batteries that you've probably got lying around (though never when you need them, right?).
There's acetic acid in your hair die, ammonia under the kitchen sink (for cleaning house), hexamine in the lighter fluid you use for your barbecue or fireplace, napthalene in your closet (moth balls), and benzene at your desk (rubber cement). Now, formaldehyde (used for embalming the dead) and methanol (a key ingredient in rocket fuel) might be harder to come across, but surely you can live without them.
The truth is, you can--and should!--live without all of those harmful abrasives (and yes, all those ingredients really are found in cigarettes or cigarette smoke). You can still enjoy your daily (or weekly, or weekends-only) hit of nicotine, without all the nail polish remover and battery acid. Our e liquids use only 100 % natural flavors, propylene glycol (FDA approved food safe--that means safe for ingesting!), and vegetable glycerine, which is derived from vegetable oil. That's it. No hidden or harmful chemicals.
Highbrow Vapor: chemistry made divinely simple, and devilishly delicious.

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