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A fruit By Any Other Name

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Here at Highbrow, we're a team of creative types. We pride ourselves on creating innovative, top-quality e liquids for your vaping pleasure. But we don't stop there! We're just as creative with our marketing, blog content, and of course our flavor names. However, we don't want fancy-pants verbosity to confuse--our flavors are as natural, straightforward and simple as can be. Nothing but quality ingredients and bold, brilliant flavors. Here, a list of some interestingly-named, but classic and clean-cut fruity e liquid options, to celebrate the end of summer:
Black Cherry Dulcetti e cig juiceBlack Cherry Dulcet - From the latin word dulcis, meaning sweet, pleasant and agreeable, comes our naturally sweet, yet bright cherry flavor, offering deep, juicy, ripe cherry notes. For a more complex combination, try Amaretto Amore, all sweet cherry and smooth nutty almond, none of the tartness of fresh fruit.
Orange de Sangre - This citrus concoction is as tangy and tart as you'd expect from a blood orange. We take advantage of the abundant citrus that grows naturally in our region to create a unique and delightful orange e liquid that is unlike any you've tried before.
Peach Thymbra - True peach flavor is notoriously difficult to encounter in an e liquid, more often replaced by cloyingly sweet gummy candy-like immitations. Our e liquid starts with a reduction of real, fresh peaches, leading to a natural, juicy, and subtly sweet blend. The savory, thymbra infusion makes for a nuanced one-of-a-kind vaping experience.
Pure Pear - As its name plainly suggests, our pear e liquid is natural fruit flavor and nothing but. Delicate fruit-like sweetness and an overall buttery note, our pure pear flavor is extracted from real Bartlett pears, leading to a vaping flavor and mouthfeel that's as close to biting into green fruity flesh as you can get.
So enjoy your daily serving of fresh fruity flavor, courtesy of Highbrow Vapor, and relax, knowing that it's nothing but natural e liquid goodness. 

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