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New York -vs- Philly (and Everywhere In Between!)

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e cig juiceIs there any dessert more decadent than cheesecake? That perfect blend of bright, tangy sharp cheese and sweet, sugary cream. So rich, yet so light. In fact, this classic dessert dates clear back to the ancient Greeks, with the earliest mention attributed to Greak physician Aegimus in his book on the art of cheesecake making.

And no two cheesecakes are alike! In the US and Canada, we make ours with cream cheese. But that's not the only cheese for this cake! Italians use ricotta, while German, Dutch and Polish dessert lovers use quark (similar to cheese curds or cottage cheese). The US alone in home to dozens of varieties, including Pennsylvania Dutch, which uses tangy, curd-like cheese; Country style, which uses buttermilk; and Chicago style--firm on the outside, creamy and gooey in the middle.

Of course, no two styles are more popular, or more contested than the rival New York and Philly style cheesecakes. New York-style cheesecake uses heavy cream or even sour cream, which gives it a rich, dense, creamy consistency. Philly cheesecake, on the other hand, is lighter in texture, but richer in flavor.

For our part, we've done our very best to create a world-class cheesecake e liquid that is timeless and sure to please cheesecake enthusiasts the world over. Our e juice is rich, sweet, and full of creamy cheese flavor. Subtle, fresh, and lightly sweet on the inhale with a strong cream cheese exhale that you won't be able to believe is only vapor.

What's more, you can customize your cheesecake vape to your heart's content, opting for blueberry, chocolate, hazelnut, or whatever flavoring you think pairs best. You can even request that we dial up or down the sweetness, so that your vaping experience matches the dessert of your dreams.

It's a timeless classic, done your way.

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