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Big Tobacco, Little Heart

Electronic cigarettes have been around now for just over a decade. Invented in 2003, they currently make up only about 1% of the cigarette market, yet numbers are increasing all the time, with sales expected to $10 billion annually by 2017.
For a while, us little guys had the market to ourselves. While Big Tobacco rolled along doing what they've always done, small businesses like Highbrow Vapor put our noses to the grindstone, in order to make a product that we truly believe in. We are not the profit-driven mega corporations responsible for traditional tobacco. We are e-liquid enthusiasts, eager to share our passion for fine flavors and nicotine enjoyment with our loyal customers and determined to deliver the highest quality vaping experience.
However, we're no longer alone. Within the next few months, some very big Big Tobacco names will be debuting their own lines of electronic cigarettes. Altria Group, the US's largest cigarette maker, is set to introduce their new e-cigs in August. Second-biggest Reynolds America has already introduced their version of the e-cig, and Lorillard's Blue e-cigs have been distributed to more than 80,000 stores since the Tabacco giant bought up the brand last year.
While we're more than happy to share, and of course eager supporters of e-cigarettes, we hope that you'll keep coming back to Highbrow Vapor for the quality and commitment we offer. We are not a faceless corporation looking for a piece of the e-cig pie. We're a family business, here to offer the best products and most helpful customer service possible. Where else will you be able to customize flavors, PG/VG or nicotine content? Where else can you request your own special flavor?
This is not a part of our business, a way to diversify or increase profits. This is our livelihood, something we truly believe in and work hard at, every day. We may be a small business, but we've got great big hearts, and they are full of love for you, our loyal customers. 

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