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E-Cigarettes Around the World (and Back Again)

Isn't it curious how the same product, set against different cultural backgrounds, can call to mind such diverse cultural images? Cigarettes are no different. We can easily imagine the lone American cowboy smoking and contemplating the sunset. Equally familiar and valid, of course, are the British punks puffing away outside a grungy club, or french cafés in summertime, with patrons languidly puffing and conversing over espresso or tea.

Every country has its own culture associated with smoking and its popularity, and now, every culture has its own way of embracing the next wave: electronic cigarettes.

In France, Chanel-clad women line up outside boutique-style e-cig shops to try chic new flavors, while world-renowned actress Catherine Deneuve has channeled years of heavy smoking into e-cig consumption, puffing away gracefully during press conferences and in restaurants. 

In Great Britain, the government announced this month that it would approach e-cigarettes as though they were medicines, to ensure quality control and safety for British consumers, and the Royal College of Physicians has made declarations urging that e-cigs be made more readily available to the public.

Euromonitor International has tracked global sales at a steady increase of 30 percent per year, leading up to $2 billion in 2011, and the European market accounts for over 1/4 of that!

However, unlike caviar, champagne, or black tea, fine e-liquids are no exotic delicacy. You don't need to scour the globe, order online, or visit expense import stores in search of the best e-cig juice. Right here, at Highbrow Vapor, we specialize in premium-quality, world-class liquids for e-cigarettes that you won't find anywhere else in the world. So travel no further for exotic blends like Blackberry Limoncello, English Malt Toffee, or Belgian Waffle.

And if you're visiting us from abroad, then welcome! Be sure to check out our international shipping options on the FAQ page.

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