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Staying Slim and Sweet for the Summer

 Oh, Bikini Season. What a dreaded time of year. It's like Hunting Season, except the target is YOU and the weapon is everybody else's discerning gaze. So maybe you've embarked on some sort of crash-course diet, or some faddish new gym routine, or both. Maybe, like many, you've used cigarettes in the past as a means of weight control, and you're worried that e-cigs won't offer the same appetite suppression you've come to depend on.

While we can't speak to the science of nicotine and weightloss (the jury's still out on that one), we do know that many use cigarettes instead of sweets to satisfy their dopamine receptors, or their brains' pleasure centers. Of course, we're all for that, but why not have both?

Satisfy your cravings for nicotine AND something sweet with one of these amazing Highbrow Vapor e-liquids:
Simple Sweets: nothing could be simpler than our rich and creamy Vanilla Bean Decadence liquid, with a butter custard note. Or try Vanilla Bourbon Bean for a more complex, aromatic vanilla. Our classic Chocolate flavor is semi-sweet and just as subtle, a mocha flavor that hits all the right notes. For a more sultry smokeless treat, try our Dark Chocolate, rich in robust cocoa flavor, with an ever-so-slightly bitter bite.

Bakery Basics: Combining the best of the best, our Chocolate Cake flavor features lemon, vanilla and sugar notes for a mind-boggling sugary e-liquid. Or celebrate the more tropical side of summer with Heavenly Macaroon, a luscious combination of coconut, chocolate and almond. For a truly indulgent after-dinner treat, try Tiramisu, which blends mascarpone, espresso and bitter chocolate for a rich but not too-sweet inhale with a delicate aftertaste of vanilla.

Candy Cravings:  Nothing compares to the complex malt flavor and subtle layers of our English Malt Toffee. Or, for a similar-yet-simpler sweet, try our Caramel e-liquid--a brown-sugar and maple marriage of classic chewy goodness. 

So stay slim, stay happy, and have a sweet summer!

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