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Wake and Vape

Oh, there's nothing like a good cup of coffee to kick off the day, to put a little pep in your step. Whether you like it milky or black, piping hot or iced, sweetened or straight-up, you've got to admit--nothing compares to that caffeine kick when it comes to revving up your morning.

Unless you don't drink coffee. Maybe you've got an ulcer to contend with, or reflux. Maybe you're out of beans, or you forgot to set the machine last night, and now there's no time. You could stop on the way, sure, but running late with a piping hot cup of molten black liquid sloshing dangerously in your hand can spell trouble.

Maybe, like many, you enjoy coffee's aromatic intensity but just can't handle those java jitters.
Whatever the hurdle is, Highbrow's here to help! Don't let your lack of Joe leave you lackluster! Start your day right with a nice nicotine buzz, courtesy of Café Highbrow!

We've got a wide variety of barista-worthy blends, like our classic Coffee Dark Roast, a traditional dark-light blend with a rich flavor and hearty aroma. It's simple, not sweet.

However, if it's sweet you're looking for, then our Cappuccino Diablo is sure to please. Creamy, smooth, and naturally sweet, it's an exquisite way to treat yourself in the AM, or as an after-dinner vape.

Or, if you prefer strength over sweetness, complex over common, then give our Espresso e liquid a go. It's initial bite gives way to a buttery-smooth mouthfeel and a deep and complicated flavor profile.
And if coffee's just not your thing at all, well, you can still wake and vape, with our delicious Belgian Waffle flavor. Better than Betty 

Crocker, this blend offers a smooth and slightly sweet inhale with subtle cinnamon notes and warm maple flavors on the exhale. It's the perfect way to start your day.

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