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The Heat is On

 It seems you just can't ever win with traditional smoking, as far as the weather is concerned. Unless you are part of the ever-shrinking number of smokers who light up inside their homes, you've got to face so many nasty elements just to get your nicotine fix--wind, snow, rain, freezing conditions, etc.

But then, just when you think you've braved the worst of it and can enjoy a leisurely, sunny smoke break, Spring breezes past with Summer hot on its heels, and I do mean HOT. With temperatures climbing, how can it be enjoyable to step outside into sweltering heat and sticky sweat, just to suck HOT, DRY smoke into your lungs?

Wouldn't you rather take in something...refreshing? Something cool, flavorful, and fun? Something that goes down smooth as liquid?
Wouldn't you rather be vaping?

At Highbrow Vapor, we've created some juicy, cool summertime-perfect flavors that will rejuvenate you, inside and out, whether you choose to vape inside (with air conditioning) or out (smoke free in the shade). Here are our top three summertime flavors:

1 - Strawberry Lemonade
This subtly sweet-and-tangy combo was our most popular request until we turned it into a reality. 
We married our popular Limoncello flavor with locally grown sweet strawberry flavor extractions to create this classic summer refreshment match.

2 - Watermelon
Nothing beats the heat like a succulent slice of watermelon. This natural flavor is  crisp, clean, and slightly sweet on the inhale with a true ripe watermelon flavor on the exhale. Pure summer simplicity.

3 - Highbrowbacco - Menthol
The coolest of the cool, sure to give you a rejuvenating throat hit every time. You can dial down the tobacco base and crank up the menthol for maximum icy pleasure. Or try customizing your already summery fruit flavors with a hint of mint. Either way, you're sure to stay cool while the heat is on.

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