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Rage Against the Tobacco Machine

Right now, you are part of a revolution, whether you know it or not. Maybe you’re curious, nothing more, merely dipping your toes into the idea of vaping. But that doesn’t mean you’re not part of a new wave. Just by reading this blog, or checking out the Highbrow Vapor catalog, you’re one of an increasing number of nicotine lovers asking themselves, “Is smoking the only way?”

Turns out: it’s not. And that’s Big News for Big Tobacco. If you look past the superficial gimmick of E-cigarettes (the flavors, the novelty, the funny little light at the end), you’ll find a satisfyingly sweet sensory experience that poses a serious threat to traditional tobacco companies and their bottom lines.

Consider the fact that E-cigarette sales doubled in 2012, raking in somewhere between three and five million dollars in the US. While that may seem like small pickings compared to Big Tobacco’s annual $80-billion-plus profit, it’s a number that’s predicted to double AGAIN in 2013. In fact, according to The Economist, E-cigarette sales could top Big Tobacco within a decade (!).

It is important to note that this is not a health issue. With E-cigarettes being relatively new and untested, it is unwise to make health claims. There are years of clinical health studies ahead before anyone can say what the medical difference is between smoking and vaping.

But vaping is about more than that. It’s about standing up to Big Tobacco and choosing small, family-owned companies like Highbrow Vapor over mega-corporations. It’s about a variety of painstakingly handcrafted flavors that you’d never dreamed of with conventional cigs.

It’s about your “smoke” break, your way—anytime, anywhere, without bothering those you care about. So why not join the revolution? It's not just subversive; it's satisfying.  

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