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Only You Can Prevent Flavor Flops

 If you have made your way to this website, then we trust you are a savvy person. A man (or woman) of distinction; a person of class, if you will. Furthermore, we know that your discerning tastes demand only the most satisfying, sultry, and scrumptious of cig-juice flavors.

BUT…we need your help. Each and every vapor will have his or her own specific tastes and style, which means that only YOU (yes you!) can make sure that the E-cig products we most ceremoniously and humbly ship to you meet your superb standards.
Here’s how to ensure the best-fit in high-quality flavor.
1 - Customize 
All vapors are NOT created equal, and each vapor’s nicotine needs will vary. That’s why we strongly encourage you to customize your potency and blend at check out. Choose your strength, with 6 options ranging from 0 to 36 milligrams, and then select whether you want PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), or a mix.
2 – Know Thyself
Do you salt everything that crosses your plate? Or give it a good dose of ketchup (or mustard, or salsa, or relish…)? Do you add twice the amount of vanilla extract and cinnamon to all your baked goods? Or maybe you go the opposite route, halving the spices in any recipe you try. The point is: you know what your tastes are, better than anyone else. Far be it for us to tell you that your Dark Chocolate Mint e-juice should taste more minty than chocolatey (or vice versa). Here at Highbrow, YOU tell US, by simply adding a note at checkout specifying your flavor preference.
3- Drop Us a Line
Though we dedicate everything we have to ensuring only the best in quality, flavor, and customer satisfaction, we’d be nowhere without your input. We understand that even if you’ve dialed in on the exact right potency and flavor punch, something might still be lacking. Got an idea for a flavor cocktail that you’re not seeing on our website? Notice something consistently off about a certain blend? Let us know!
Because, more than anything, we aim to please. But we can’t do it without your help.

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