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PG –vs- VG (and What That Even Means)

If you’ve purchased from the Highbrow website before, then you’ve surely seen the “PG,VG,MIX*” option, just before you add any given flavor to your cart (and if you’re a first-time customer, now’s the perfect time to learn!). At the bottom of each product page, we explain a bit about the difference between PG—Propylene Glycol—and VG—Vegetable Glycerin. But since it can have a profound impact on the quality of your vaping experience, we wanted to take a moment to give a more in-depth look at these essential components of E-cigarettes.

Similarities: To begin with, both PG and VG are “carriers”—they suspend, or hold, the nicotine and flavorings in an E-cigarette and then turn to vapor when a heat source is introduced. Both blend well with flavors, work well as emulsifiers, and are non-toxic. According to the FDA, both PG and VG are safe for human consumption.

Differences: PG is the thinner of the two, with a less-pronounced flavor and more subtle mouth feel, allowing the added flavors to really shine through. PG works best in E-cigarettes where the liquid travels through a small opening to reach the heat source.
VG has a thicker consistency and a slightly sweet taste, which can the flavorings of any given cig-juice and occasionally overshadow some of the more subtle flavor notes. It’s thickness makes for a more pronounced mouth feel.

So Which Is Better? That’s really up to you, and it comes down to three basic E-juice qualities—vapor, flavor, and throat hit. All PG juices have less vapor, stronger vapor, and a more powerful throat hit. All VG juices are the opposite: more vapor, less flavor, and a less-intense throat hit. Our standard MIX is 80PG/20VG, a composition that we feel gives the perfect balance of all three qualities.
However, we encourage you to experiment, to find the blend best suited to your tastes. So feel free to fill in any VG/PG percentage in the “customize this product” section. Hand-crafted, customizable flavors for well-informed customers--that's the Highbrow way.

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