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Smoke Follows Beauty; Beauty Fades

Have you ever considered that every time you smoke an E-cigarette, you set a precedent? It’s true! Though the benefits and dangers of E-cigarettes are still highly debated (as is anything that’s new, popular, and complex), usage is on the rise, and every time you choose a glowing electric light over the spark of a match or flick of the lighter, you’re stating your preference for all the world to see.

A recent article in The Economist calls smoking tobacco “the most dangerous voluntary activity in the world,” citing the fact that more than 5 million people—or one in ten—die every year as a consequence. Those are some grave statistics.
It’s not that smokers don’t understand the risks; they do. But they also very much appreciate and enjoy the pleasure and comfort provided by a daily dose of nicotine. The article goes on to ask the obvious: if you could separate out the refreshment from the risk, why wouldn’t you?

Enter the E-cigarette. Not only does it provide smokeless satisfaction for the vaper in question, it provides a smoke-free environment for everyone involved—children, spouses, coworkers, or friends. More than just an end to irritated eyes and lungs, E-cigarettes mean no more nasty stale smoke smell. This is why many bars, restaurants and clubs welcome vaping, even as they continue to prohibit smoking.
But not all, and that’s the kicker. In fact, some lobbyists and governments (like New Zealand and Australia) are determined to restrict E-cigarette usage, claiming that smokeless and flavorful is a recipe for underage nicotine abuse, among other unwarranted worries.
That’s where you come in. You, our valued customer. You, a consenting adult. Every time you choose Highbrow Vapor over standard, stinky cigarettes, you’re showing your support for responsible, regulated nicotine use. Smoke may follow beauty, but intelligence follows vapor.

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