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Vapes and Politics - a Great Combination

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The road to the United States' presidential election is long and often divisive. It's important for adults in the U.S. to remain engaged, though, so that they can be informed voters come November. After the recent debates and primaries in New Hampshire, vaping and candidates might seem to be unrelated. After all, the topic rarely, if ever, comes up in debates. If you enjoy vaping, however, you can bring the two together. By inviting friends over to vape during the presidential debates and primaries, you can diffuse the tension of the presidential race and help everyone become a more informed, friendlier voter.

Vaping Brings People Together

Like many activities, vaping brings people together. It's a pastime, a way to relax that many people enjoy -- and most people enjoy it more when they're with other people. If you vape, you likely know how people gather together to relax and enjoy e-cigarettes together. You might already vape with friends after school or work, or on the weekends. Why not vape with them during presidential debates and primary coverage?

Vaping Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere

Vaping isn't the only way to bring people together to watch candidates debate or campaign, but it's a particularly good one because the activity diffuses tension. People vape to relax, so they're more at ease when enjoying an e-cigarette.

If you invite people who different political views together, they may become passionate. Vaping together will reduce the likelihood that a true argument, from which no one benefits, will break out. People might still have disagreements, but they're more likely to listen to others' points of view and discuss their differences civilly.

Even if everyone at your gathering supports the same political candidate, vaping together could keep everyone's emotions and thoughts on an even keel. There will likely be comments made about other candidates, but the general tenor of the gathering will be more low-key and fun.

Vaping Changes the Nature of Political Discussions

By bringing people together to vape, you may be able to change the nature of political discussions among your friends and acquaintances. In fact, you might create an environment similar to Iowa's caucuses, which are unique. As friends and neighbors talk about politics with each other in a relaxed environment, they'll learn to appreciate others' views and explain theirs in a friendly way. Some may change their mind, and others may not. Either way, though, the political discussions you're involved with will become less divided.

The country today is deeply divided over politics, and many people are looking for the right candidate to unite people. Until such a presidential candidate is found, you can do your part by inviting people together to participate in political talks in a relaxed environment. All it requires is asking people to come over and vape with you during a debate or primary.

Perhaps what this country needs isn't the perfect presidential candidate but everyday people who will gather friends together to discuss political ideas in a non-threatening manner. That is something you, and anyone else who vapes, could do.

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