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This Spring Give Yourself a Breath of Fresh....Vapor

So we've finally made it through the worst of winter, and spring is certainly in the air. February Blahs have given way to hints of sunshine and warm weather, and people are starting to crawl out of hibernation and back into full, springtime swing.

Unless, of course, it's still snowing where you live. Or raining. Or freezing. If March is roaring into your life like a lion, you may be just as weary of stepping outside for a smoke break as you were in January or February. But you, Savvy Smoker, aren't a slave to unusual weather patterns! You've chosen Highbrow Vapor, and that means you can "smoke" whenever, wherever.

So if it's drizzling and dreary out, you just enjoy your Orange de Sangre cig juice from the comfort of your own home. Working through your lunch hour at the office? Refresh with Hazelnut Cream, right there at your desk!

Of course, if March has tamed its roar to a gentle purr, you can still enjoy your E-Cigarettes anywhere--on your front porch, at the park, on a hiking trail. No smoke means no restrictions, so it's safe and acceptable for you to vape just about anywhere, whatever the weather.

Indoors or out, Highbrow Vapor is the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for in this new, sunny season. And while you're at it, why not heighten your vernal awakening with one of our refreshing, vibrant flavors, like Pure Pear, Strawberry Lemonade or Green Tea. It's a breath of fresh vapor.

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